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Hey MrSir. Would you be able to share your t.s Eliot notes ?
Please send me your email and I can get them to you within 48 hours
Can anyone help me?

I'm doing year 11 preliminary IPT course and i don't understand the system context diagram.

If anyone understands that, can you please explain it to me.
HSC 2020
Phys • Chem • Eng Adv • Math X1 • Math X2
Aim: 99.80 + state rank physics and chemistry
Eng (adv) 94 | Maths Ext 1 92 | Math Ext 2 88 | Chem 91 | Visual Arts 92 | Jap Beginners 90
Atar: 97.95
so im considering to do (for yr 11)

maths ext
eng ext
modern history
business studies (considering change to jap beg or va since more interesting and take break from all the humanities..)

can anyone give me an overview on all these subjects? scaling?
hi... this gonna be so long but..

my dad wants me to pursue commerce/accounting degrees in UNSW or USYD in the future while I want to do communications&media or architecture. he would not let me do the majors I want unless i do double degree..which I don't rlly have problems with but scared for the high atar required. very stressed out as it is my future and he is stopping me from doing what I want.
all this must be very confusing and annoying, but pls give me advice on what subjects i should change business to and if i even should change it? (since it deeply goes against my dad's plans for me and the new materials for both jap and va).
also uni students pls give thoughts on commerce/communication/art majors? thank you, rlly appreciate it!
You should make a proper thread given you've got so many questions/concerns and hopefully some of us can respond there :)

Dw, found them. Not sure why your profile posts were so prominent on my newsfeed on BoS!
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