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New profile posts

What’s does the legend do in a day to day basis? I want to become a legend for Jimmy for a day or week😎
lol remember khorne

money hungry dr ethnik
i remember there was a win news story about him winning some award or getting a high atar but ci cannot find it anywhere
cosmo 2
cosmo 2
yeah he was a bean pole man
are there any year 11 subjects where that knowledge is required or will be tested in the HSC?
How do I develop a maths brain? I am an absolute failure when it comes to Maths.
Great Southern Land
Great Southern Land
oh, I thought you were a fan of maths from your username :(
Time for some questions
Do you know why you are a failure when it comes to maths? Why do you use this label yourself?
Where are you falling off a cliff when it comes to maths?
If you can find answers to these first two questions find someone who will nurture that learning style, that is by being your mentor.
If that mentor is great keep working with him/her if not find someone else.
After that, if you are achieving great things from that mentor keep working with them to obtain full mastery.
Once you achieve full mastery repay the debt.
*Repay the debt - A term for helping someone else in response to the help you received.
I came on your profile and saw that you got moderator last month. Happy belated congratulations Jimmy. You are a very articulate and smart person from your posts.
Welcome to Bored of Studies and I agree, pineapples do indeed go on pizza.
Lifesaver, vegan chicken nugget lover........ superstar.. period... print no fax... period
Gloria jean supremacist... family icon... matrix and Anne bestie.....diet twins...literally twins...modern queen...daniel worshipper...Originals would hit 😍
Hey guys does anyone that does Industrial Tech Multimedia has access to past HSC porfolio examples or scaffolds? THANK YOU SMMMMMM
Hi guys does anyone know what prelim bio topics are important for hsc? thanks so much :))))