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    Is it Possible to just memorise essays for HSC eng?

    i memorized every essay and my creative writing piece and got 82 which is what i was aiming for.. so it can work :D
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    Summer school?

    Just wondering if summer school works any differently to normal sems.. like if i did a typical 6 unit subject(1 week: 3 hours of lectures, 1 hour tute) would it still be the same? or would it be cramned in more? thks:)
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    All about Usyd

    Usyd for physics and for social life;)
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    Help! induction question

    Thanks for the replies guys really appreciate it:)
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    So anyone doing B SC sign here.

    I'll be majoring in nanoscience:) do u know when we get our timetables?
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    Help! induction question

    really need help with this... before tomorrow:S "use mathematical induction to show that: 1^3 + 2^3 +3^3... +n^3 = (1+2+3... +n)^2" plz help :)
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    Ext.1 Bridging course?

    I want do to normal maths(1001..) for 1st year Bsc at Sydney, i have only done HSC 2 unit mathematics, but i did really well in it. How far will i be behind in normal maths if i don't do the bridging course? and is it really worth doing? thanks:)
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    General Thoughts: Geography

    I thought it would of been so much harder.. i found it rather easy... shading question was strange but..
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    ah ok thanks, well done with your mark too (Y) goodluck tomorrow

    ah ok thanks, well done with your mark too (Y) goodluck tomorrow
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    Regional Centre and Demise of a small town

    I dont think they will ask, because i think it will be too hard for the markers to discriminate between a band 6 and a band 5 anwser...
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    How you would anwser this essay Q.?

    what would be the best way(17-20 mark) of anwsering "contrast the nature, character and spatial distribution of world cities with mega cities in the developing world" :chainsaw:
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    wat do rekkon u got raw mark in the exam???

    11/15 for MP :( 42-48/60 for Core :mad1: 22-24/25 for forensic :party: ....
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    I got the Flu last year for Physics, i applied for misadventure and it was approved, but somhow my exam mark beat my internal assessment mark so they didnt adjust my mark.. but if it effects your performance in anyway you will have a good chance.
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    How did you go?

    I loved the 7 mark forensic question.. such an opened ended CSI question lol Can somone explain Q.15 to me of the multiple choice???
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    How Pedantic are the markers with fructose

    i've found it in the success one HSC chemistry section for just forensic chemistry, i havent found it in any HSC past exams, but i was told by my teacher that we should know the structure plus he put it in my trial.. i think he is or was a chem marker.. but im not 100 percent sure if we should...
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    How Pedantic are the markers with fructose

    "Sucrose is a disachharide. write an equation using structural formulae for the reaction of glucose and fructose to form sucrose" ..... and as we know sucrose is formed from alpha glucose and beta fructose..
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    How Pedantic are the markers with fructose

    If your familar with fructose.. when you look at the 2 carbon atoms that both connect with the oxygen atom, one atoms connects with an OH and HOCH2 and the other with a H and CH2OH. My question is what is the difference between HOCH2 and CH2OH?, the past paper anwsers and my text book both...
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    Length of Belonging Essay?

    1600 in 35 mins :)
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    RAW mark?--> HSC Mark

    Does anyone know what raw mark is needed to get a band 5 and 6 in adv. english?
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    Geography HSC 2009?

    hows everyone feeling for the exam on 12th of november?