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    I ranked 3rd in my class overall and got 83% for my IRP Good luck guys :) Love, your friendly 2017 graduate xx
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    Away and Related Texts - The Candidate, The Story of an Hour, The Story of an Hour

    My related texts for Discovery were The Story Of An Hour and The Candidate, and my perscribed was Away. My assignment: The Candidate: The Story of an Hour:
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    Transitions - The Simple Gift + related

    I had to do a speech with a powerpoint for an assignment. I got 82% and ranked 4th in my class overall. My related texts was the film Wild Child, and short story The Metamorphosis Here's the entire short story (full credit to author) Here are some other related texts hope it helps :)...
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    Distinctively Visual - related text The Road Not Taken

    I ranked 4th, hope this helps :) Goodluck
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    Distinctively Visual - Run Lola Run

    This is an analysis of my visual representation (VR) in 2017 I ranked 4th Hope it helps :)