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  1. fluffycake

    Critical Response 2008!

    Hey guys, :wave:I'm so excited about Ext II this year! What ideas do people have so far for their crits?Also, what's a statement of reflection?Deb xox
  2. fluffycake

    Study time!

    On average, how many hours do you spend doing homework and revision each night?
  3. fluffycake

    Law Society of NSW's Inter School Mock Trial

    Lol because I totally look like a dude!
  4. fluffycake

    Law Society of NSW's Inter School Mock Trial

    Damn! I really wanted to do mock trial but they don't offer it at my school! :( Is there another way I can do it?
  5. fluffycake

    '07 Preliminary Roll Call

    Aloha, study buddies! I'm Deborah. =) I go to North Sydney Girls' and my subjects are Modern History, Ancient History, Society and Culture, Ext. English & Ext. Maths. I've been told I laugh too much and I cover my books with Disney Princecesses. AND I have no idea what humglish is!!! Can...
  6. fluffycake

    #1 Choice

    If you could go to any university to study any course you wanted, what would it be?
  7. fluffycake

    unit choices 4 yr 12

    I'm planning on doing... English Ext II Maths Ext I History Ext I (modern) then either Legal or Ancient History. TOTAL: 12 units
  8. fluffycake

    Community Service

    Hehe but my duke of ed service was pretty shifty... Last year it was Helping the career advisor. :P
  9. fluffycake

    Community Service

    Thanks! =D
  10. fluffycake

    BOS members meeting in RL

    I guess even psychotic killers have better things to do than lure teenagers from BOS into libraries...
  11. fluffycake

    Community Service

    Hey guys, I need to buff up my community service for college applications. I want something different from the average nursing home or library. I tried volunteering to teach Sudanese refugees how to speak English (that would've been awesome!) but you have to be over 18!!! Any suggestions...
  12. fluffycake

    Back To School!

    You can and will balance your social life with school work. I see Year 11 as a practice HSC year. Even in yr 12 you can't study 24/7! If your worried about your social life, try and integrate your friends with your study time (occasionally). For subjects like maths you're much better studying...
  13. fluffycake

    Back To School!

    I'm super excited!!! I'm packing my bag right now :) I can play with all my peer support munchkins tomorrow! Does anyone else get the feeling, this year is going to be uber hectic?
  14. fluffycake

    BOS members meeting in RL

    Right on, sista! No one really understands my notes. I normally make up songs or crazy acronyms. Like for Australian History, I remembered the mirgation policies by writing WAPPOPAPIPPOM (it sounds funny when you say it out loud). It stood for WAP - White Aus. Policy, POP - "Populate or...
  15. fluffycake

    BOS members meeting in RL

    In this day and age, net friends should stay net friends... You can never tell if someone's actually a psychotic killer!!!
  16. fluffycake


    I'm in year 11 at the moment and I'm thinking of taking up Ext. History in Year 12. What you guys think? Is it worthwhile? Fluffycakes xox
  17. fluffycake

    Second thoughts on my 07 Subbies

    As long as you enjoy your subjects, the workload should be bearable. Interest should always be a major factor in deciding subjects. Think about it, when you're in yr 12 cramming everynight for the HSC, you wanna spend those hours studying subjects you have an interest in. Good luck...
  18. fluffycake

    Mind & Morality

    Is anyone doing Mind & Morality this year? Fluffycake xox