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  1. starlight190

    Can You Help Me Out Pls?

    Hey all, I'm working on a major work based on Chinese superstitions and beliefs (as well as Imperial China, during the Han Dynasty) and I was wondering if you, or if you know anyone, could help me? I need to know: 1. What are things that are considered bad luck or as an omen? I know...
  2. starlight190

    Expected Multimedia Outcomes?

    What are the markers looking for in the "Multimedia" form? :confused:
  3. starlight190

    How Do I burn a Macromedia Flash File to CD?

    How do I burn a .swf file (flash movie) onto a CD? I normally use Roxio to burn stuuf to CD, but it wouldn't even read my .swf file!:jedi: Help pls! This is for my English Extension 2 Major Work! :bomb: I'm using Macromedia Flash MX.
  4. starlight190

    Romanticism - Intellectual Values?

    Hey all, I'm doing Romanticism for my HSC, and I seem to be struggling a bit. :mad1: I know they revolted against the Enlightenment Era, loved nature, cared more for the individual and not of what the community thinks, yada yada... But apparently I need to know more of the Intellectual...
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    Preparing for Viva Voce.

    ...say what?
  6. starlight190

    Would you allow your Boyfriend to crap on you?

    wtf are you doing with this guy if he's that psychotic to even think of things like this>! LOL
  7. starlight190

    Is it better if the girl or guy asks the other out first?

    Is it better if the girl or guy asks the other out first? Like for a guy to take you seriously?:confused:
  8. starlight190

    Letting a guy know

    ROFL DO IIIIIIIIIT! XD :rofl::uhhuh:
  9. starlight190

    Q's For Girls!

    1. Is it true that girls like bad guys? Not all. Some do some don't. I don't. 2. Whats your favourite kinda dude eg Skater, Emo, Lad etc? Would Comedian be one? 3. What do girls fall for the most first eg eyes, hair, clothes etc? Face. 4. If a dude smells nice does that make him much...
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    Relationships & HSC

  11. starlight190

    Age Difference

    2 yrs difference is my maximum - maybe 3 yrs (oldest limit) youngest limit for me would be around the same age as me
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    Romanticism kills me
  13. starlight190

    Romanticism essay - helppp.

    ftw I have this question too! lol :haha:
  14. starlight190

    Is extension 2 english easy?

    Which form did you use?
  15. starlight190

    Is extension 2 english easy?

    Actually doing the tasks of EE2 isn't too hard. But the marking is. So watch out for that. Would be wise to have more than 10 units if ur doing EE2
  16. starlight190

    English Extensions???

    OMG ME TOO! :bomb:Stupid Romanticism. Why couldn't I do Crime Fiction? :jedi:
  17. starlight190

    English Extensions???

    What if the ext english subjects take up a chunk of you UAI marks? ie I do: 2U Maths 4U English Visual Arts Textiles Geopgraphy + A non-UAI course at TAFE Sub-totals: UAI: 12 units Non-UAI: 2units Total:14 units
  18. starlight190

    Wuthering Heights VS Thrushcross Grange?

    Hey all, Do you know any sites which can show characteristics of Wuthering Heights or Thrushcross Grange? Or do you know any specific pages in the book? :cold:
  19. starlight190

    Studying for Maths

    I definately agree. It definately helps! :idea: I'd also like to reconmended to highlight or somehow indicate where you people go wrong and study up on that! :hammer: