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  1. Colemans

    Real talk: What is the point in English?

    English as a conceptual study should stay. The HSC paper is retarded though. 3 hours of destruction. You know its bad when you aren't even able to take a 30 second breaks between essays.
  2. Colemans

    UAC deadline!!

    My early offer due date was 4th midnight and i did it on that same day at 3pm. So in this case deadline must be tomorrow. Read it as "Change preferences by Midnight on 7th of Jan".
  3. Colemans

    Confusion with 2008 HSC MC

    Modern materialistic values refers to things such as money and fast cars. Its a weird question in terms of the options like that deity one.
  4. Colemans

    General Thoughts: Economics

    Was not bad overall. Maybe a bit harder than last year? The stimulus for the first fiscal/labour essay was pretty challenging.
  5. Colemans

    Some final tips...

    This is me...are you me...?
  6. Colemans

    BoS Supervises - Very Chill?

    They let us go and get maccas and eat during english exam.
  7. Colemans

    CAD during GFC

    Whenever in doubt, just China it out.
  8. Colemans

    Communication option

    I wrote that losing an eye would make him look gangsta.
  9. Colemans

    clone or not????

    It is a clone only if she uses her own skin or her own genetic material to create the child as it is only then will it have the same genetic information.
  10. Colemans

    General Thoughts: Biology

    I bsed.
  11. Colemans

    Economics Marathon 2014 anyone???

    Bumpity Bump
  12. Colemans

    2014 business hsc predictions?

    Wouldn't the marker know if you make them up, or they don't care?
  13. Colemans

    General Thoughts: English Standard Paper 2

    A - Simple enough but hands were dying and brain was frying. B - Wilfred Owen Wilson - I just had to BS one quote from Mental Cases cos they didn't include one of mine in the extract. I think them making it 2 texts saved me because I had pre planned an extra paragraph (for 3 texts) but hit the...
  14. Colemans

    How many booklets did you fill out?

    skipping lines for fun
  15. Colemans

    What is a memoir?

    ^ yeah no clue about what that text is about.
  16. Colemans

    What is a memoir?

    HSC memoir, not everyday memoir. There are different standards for HSC.
  17. Colemans

    What is a memoir?

    Is it simply just recalling events in first person? Also would something like a diary entry count as a memoir or are they different things?
  18. Colemans

    'Belonging' exam question 2014 PREDICTION thread!!

    barriers/challanges of belonging, understanding or interactions.