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    a room of one's own/who's afraid of virginia woolf

    But but but, don't you see.. The most important key word here is context! And their context is both very similar - Post War! WW1 in Virginia's case and WW2 in Edward Albees. The questioning of religion (existentialism) Both explore truth and illusion. Page 17, A room of one's own - read it. And...
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    navigating the global

    haha your so funny jamileh .
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    Help With Belonging Speech !

    As You Like It (Shakespeare’s comedies) Shakespeare’s early comedies were broad farces and contain physical slapstick scenes, and many of the characters are exaggerated stereotypes. However his later comedies such as ‘As You Like It’ are a very complex mixture of many comedic styles. Often...
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    Help With Belonging Speech !

    Okay, well i'll post some more info about it tonight. Are you about to do mid year exams? Or have you already done them.. just out of curiosity?
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    Creative Writing Feedback

    Your creative writing piece is written really well.. however, if i were you i would try to avoid the cliche` of dreaming / waking up from a dream. You could keep the same story line.. But perhaps find a different way to introduce and conclude your story. Just a suggestion (:
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    Help With Belonging Speech !

    As you like it - ( Who does the play belong to? Shakespeare - the audience. ) The concept of belonging is represented through place - The forest of Arden is juxtaposed with the court The forest of Arden is used as place where the characters find their identity : signifying belonging to...