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    how many people answered question a?? Compliance - non - compliance??? and how many people did b? i'm guessing everyone done b coz it was the broadest.. 80% of students do the broadest question i done a for consumer and family who else did?
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    Module C - Telling The Truth

    AK Gumbi the whole HSC is all about "answering" the question... i mean... irrelevant info is just like blab... but the whole fact that truth is ambiguous may actually give your answer that lil bit more 'excitement' like ... i dunno your answer.. but just a hint for your future exams... if you...
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    Module C - Telling The Truth

    Telling the Truth.... Hmm.... ya'll know how it was an article.. how many specifically drew up columns???? HSC peepz really tough on format too... :o
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    Essay Question

    Hi... I have this essay question for economics.. and i know there is so much i can write about.. but when is it just gobble?? Like how much is enough? The question is: "Discuss the use of macroeconomic and microeconomic policies by the Australian Government to achieve full employment" Thanks
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    Multiple Choice

    Does anyone else have troubles with multiple choice in eco? I am so bad at it.. i don't know why.. i know the questions are always similar to the billion and 1 practice multiple choice that you've done.. but i never seem to do good like after i've finished an exam and when we get our...
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    What's an average mark for Ext 2 work?

    Guys... don't stress!! Although it is extension 2 and yes, it is a demanding subject.. the markers are considering you a great student before they even read your work. They are looking at it from the point.. You gave it a shot. Yes sometimes its really sad to see a year's worth of work just...
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    short story lengths?

    The word limit is 8000.... Not including your reflection statement... so keep writing mate... They say that 'the good writers' can keep their story consistent over the 8000 words.. Goodluck
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    What form are you all using??

    Thats a really good idea??? What are you expanding on from Adv. or Ext 1 ??? I know our teachers are making a big deal that we need to have an idea that is actually an expansion from Adv. or ext. Keep up the great work dude... i'm sure it'll come together nicely.
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    What form are you all using??

    Looking from last year, most of the people done short stories and critical responses... What about this year? And what kind of topics are you all thinking of? I know for myself i am doing women and the continual different portrayal through different cultures, contexts, and figures... And...