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  1. Shrikar

    Share your 2010 ATAR here

    Congrats HSC Class of 2010, you all did so well. I really hope that you guys get into the courses that you want to do.
  2. Shrikar


    Oh definately.
  3. Shrikar

    Official assessment rankings.

    There were what I expected, except for english which went better than I thought, but maths went a little worse. Oh well, they are alright.
  4. Shrikar

    Crime "Identify and analyse TWO conditions that have led to..."

    I did Societies changing moral and ethical values - the idea of just sending people to jail was ineffective as it didn't protect society because the criminals came out worse. As this didn't protect society, it felt that criminals needed to be treated differently, thus reform of the law...
  5. Shrikar

    Multiple Choice

    Isn't the answer for 12 D?
  6. Shrikar

    legal studies

    Legal is easily my worst subject. Fucking Legal.
  7. Shrikar

    Option - Quanta to Quarks

    Nickelson's equation?
  8. Shrikar

    Oh Fuck I Missed Physics Exam

    This reminds me of what happened yesturday. Apparently the 623 bus routes had changed, and so had the timings. And how great of me was it to find out from a person at the bustop on the morning of my physics exam. Now that was some freaking shit. To think you didn't do your exam cause of transport
  9. Shrikar

    physics exam

    lol, i know exactly, how you feel.
  10. Shrikar

    Option - Quanta to Quarks

    Wasn't the seven marker about how De Broglie thought that since a wave can have particle like properties, then shouldn't particles have wave like properties, and his little equation Wavelength = h/mv proving that there was a mathematical relationship between the mass and wavelength of a...
  11. Shrikar

    physics exam

  12. Shrikar

    physics exam

    Phew, at least most of the answers are consistent.
  13. Shrikar

    physics exam

    Lol, sorry mate, my bad, but yeah, i got the same answer as you.
  14. Shrikar

    physics exam

    isn't the units for E = NC-1?
  15. Shrikar

    physics exam

    Yeah, thats what I got too, it didn't look right though.
  16. Shrikar

    physics exam

    Is that a good thing? Uh oh now I am worried
  17. Shrikar

    physics exam

    Tell me about it, I screwed it up big time
  18. Shrikar

    physics exam

    I used V^2 = U^2 +2aY Where v= 0 at the top U = ? a = 9.8 Y = 110 (80+30) Found U, then subed it into v= u + at Found time Subed it into X = U(x) X t were X = 92 cm T is known U(x)= to be calculated therefore u(x) = 19.8 ms-1
  19. Shrikar

    physics exam

    Did you get like 19.8 ms-1 for the horizontal velocity?
  20. Shrikar

    So, who's finished?

    yup, I am fucked for legal studies as well. I don't remember anything.