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  1. truly-in-bliss

    Comsoc Elections

    yes will do.
  2. truly-in-bliss

    Comsoc Elections

    cant wait! had enough comsoc to last me for a while ahah
  3. truly-in-bliss

    Comsoc Elections

    i think ur too cynical? a lot of people in the current team and the in coming team will work for their famili business or work for themselves. i dont know who they will show their CV to? their parents? myself for an example will study a B Archcitecture degree after i finish my commerce...
  4. truly-in-bliss

    Comsoc Elections

    hey immy immy. :) i am here to sell books and yeah stumbled on this part of the forum. i hope u have been behaving urself :)
  5. truly-in-bliss

    Comsoc Elections

    its gonna be intersting for sure. :p
  6. truly-in-bliss

    Comsoc Elections

    i think drive has a lot more first years (and louder ones too) cuz they all met them at commerce camp, that particular first year group do almost evything together, so if one is in, so is the rest. then onwards, they also went to cruise and sports day together, and will be going to the ball...
  7. truly-in-bliss

    Comsoc Elections

    they tried to block the counting process. fired up all these issues with preferential voting etc same ol same old. and they wouldnt leave the comsoc office, in the end the dean + the previous president got pissed off and called in campus security and had to physically remove gulfam and manoj...
  8. truly-in-bliss

    Comsoc Elections

    yeah comsoc doesnt have much money so there is an incentive to get a cut from eco comp's funding. so i think disaflliating would be tops. that way eco comp can acutalli have a answering machine so no more loose paper flying around the office. plus comsoc office is not exactly in working...
  9. truly-in-bliss

    Comsoc Elections

    if u have that system, then cumunity wouldnt even have a team considering their pres, VP, secretary, half of their social and pretty much the rest of the team havent been to any comsoc events (camp, cruise, sports day and the up coming ball) in this year and hence would be regarded as ..non...
  10. truly-in-bliss

    Comsoc Elections

    seraphim - the difference between lawsoc and comsoc is mainly structural, comsoc's rules and structure is pretty shotty comapred to lawsoc also lawsoc gets a lot more funding. firms are reluctant to fund comsoc because commerce represents anithing from marketing, to hospitality to economics to...
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    ditto... after knowing each other for a while... then an invitation to *meet up for coffee* sounds to be a lil bit more serious... he probably has an agenda .. let him do the talking .. that way you will find out the purpose of this encoutner
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    meeting for coffee = border line situation.... u can either talk to that person for aggges and reorder another coffee or you can ditch them quickly if they are boring... so think of it as the best way to get to know that person in a small amount of time it's also good because it...
  13. truly-in-bliss

    hottest male celebrity

    i cant believe this thread is stilll going.. ahha
  14. truly-in-bliss

    deceptive relationships

    yeah easi to do that if u guys are good friends.
  15. truly-in-bliss

    Why do single chicks find guys in relationships appealing?

    you want what u cant have.... which mind u is not always true. also some chicks like the chase more than the outcome.
  16. truly-in-bliss

    In Need of Some Advice...

    haha 5 hours, to be realistic, evne if u guys do go out when u move, it's gonna be v hard to keep it together. so from a rational pt of view, you should leave it. over time u will miss her less.
  17. truly-in-bliss

    places to go...

    the sydney festivle is great at homebush. they ahve foods from everywhere, african, thai, turkish, dutch etc. always check the what's on guide in sydney, cuz clubbing and all htat can get boring and repetitive. the rocks is also great on the weekend with its markets. gals usually luv markets...
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    How to turn the tables...

    ahhhhhhhhh bacon and eggs!!.. my fav.... blah ziff i want ur avatar..... sorry, now bk to topic. :p
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    I Need Help!

    wowow.. lets have a 3some when i cant make up my mind?! yeah great idea!.... lets have a 5some when 5 other pplz are chasing me too!!.. yeah chicks dig that stuff!