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  1. Jocharles

    I suck at drawing, can i still do B of Digital media

    Lol i can do that, but i am no artistic Jesus
  2. Jocharles

    UOW Roll Call 2010

    1st year for the new course B. of Digital media!!! see ya's there
  3. Jocharles

    apple i-pad for uni?

    IT would be a luxury, but not a necessity. I dont see it giving you a advantage, but if you have a spare $$$$ then why not?
  4. Jocharles

    SOL and mail for UOW

    I have been trying to access SOL and UOW for the first time as i am a new student. I have carefully entered my Username and provided password but it denies it each time. Do i have to wait 24 hours after the enrolment procedure or something, or is my account F'd in the A? Any other new comers...
  5. Jocharles

    I suck at drawing, can i still do B of Digital media

    I am good with audio and computational visuals like film, but i am the worst drawer on Earth. should i get out of the B of Digital media (at UOW) ASAP? Or can i still do potentially well. PS. i am Creative and i am good with computers, but unfortantly when it comes to sketching something onto...
  6. Jocharles

    UAC offers open NOW!

    hey guys i got into my second pref *B of digital media/uow*. Should i accept the offer regardless of not getting my first pref? Will this let me keep the offer and still go into a chance for later round offers?
  7. Jocharles

    What computer systems does UTS use?

    Im sure this has been answered before, sorry if it has. Just curious as to whether UTS primarily uses mac or windows. And, which would you recommend to a incoming student? thanks guys.
  8. Jocharles

    Uow 2010

    I got into 'B of Digital Media'. Anyone else doing the same course? What do you think it will be like?
  9. Jocharles

    Bachelor of digital media

    thanks mate, that helped
  10. Jocharles

    Bachelor of digital media

    I received an acceptance letter into wollongong's Bachelor of digital media but i would really like to know what this course is all about. Is it necessary to be good at drawing and animating for this course. The reason i ask at the interview i showed my audio engineering pieces but everyone else...
  11. Jocharles

    sample pieces for interview.

    yeh. miss apc, 3 albums + a remix album wasn't enough
  12. Jocharles

    Good enough for Macq UNI :O ?

    what is this thread even about? im sure its good enough for some of the courses but not all.
  13. Jocharles

    the direction of current

    It seems to me that in some questions you assume that current flows 'conventionally' (electrons flow positive terminal to negative terminal ). However it seems sometimes you are suppose to assume its natural flow (electrons flow from negative to positive). How do i distinguish which one to use...
  14. Jocharles

    bothe and becker

    not directly, it doesnt say -describe bothe and beckers contribution or anything. However they are a significant underlying entity in the discovery of neutron. basically all Q and Q is, is a timeline of physicists, its quite hard to remember all of them.
  15. Jocharles

    sample pieces for interview.

    god bless you XD and thanks for your comments haha. i adore Tool and a perfect circle and am honored that you saw an influence. cheers xx
  16. Jocharles

    sample pieces for interview.

    im getting interviewed for sound and music production at UOW. i am required to bring in 2-3 samples of my own work which im prepared to do - but i dont want to embarrass myself. if you do sound prod or know of the expected quality could you listen to these 2 and tell me if i should go for it...
  17. Jocharles

    bothe and becker

  18. Jocharles

    bothe and becker

    Do we need to know about bothe and becker and their experiments of bombarding beryllium with Alpha Particles , or can we skip straight to Chadwick and his experimentation with alpha particles leading to the confirmation of the neutron?
  19. Jocharles

    What to do if you fail the HSC?

    Not being eligible for any Uni.
  20. Jocharles

    Why are atheists on this website always attacking Christianity?

    Your pissed off at a religion because you go to a school that practices that religion. You dumbshit...