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    To wax or not to wax.

    Hey guys and girls. So: it doesnt matter what sex you are, do you prefer it waxed or not?
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    After the bomb, possible essay questions?

    Here is another: 'After the Bomb' locates us in places of uncertainty and possibility Carry on children.
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    H&M essay questions.

    Hey guys, Can people please post their essay questions for H&M? Trials questions are good... Cheers.:spam:
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    After the bomb creative writing

    REALLY GOOD IDEAS!! I'm just trying to mess around with text forms, using unusual conventions such as second person narration.
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    An Opinion on whether picking up Ext. History would be too much

    Hello, I had a similar problem at the start of my year 12 this year. But honestly, you can only make the decision for yourself, It depends on how much you think you will work, how well you can handle stress etc etc... Considering you are already doing Ancient and Modern, that is a LOT of...
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    Essay Questions for History + Memory?

    HSC 2005 ‘At the heart of representation are acts of deliberate selection and emphasis.’ Do the texts you have studied demonstrate this in relation to ‘History and Memory’? Refer to your prescribed text and at least TWO other related texts of your own choosing. have fun.
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    After the bomb, possible essay questions?

    That is such a weird question..!! Isn't After the Bomb supposed to be about ways of thinking...? I think this question completely misses the point of this module!
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    After the bomb, possible essay questions?

    How do the new text types of After the Bomb reflect the moral, political, psychological and social shifts of the period?
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    assesment taslk help on P&P and L2A

    Well said. This is the easiest module of them all. The connections are simply commonalities between the texts. The difference in attitude in relation to each connection in P&P and LTA shows the difference in context and values. The connections are simply vehicles which display a difference...
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    hamlet questions

    It doesnt make sense because it is an adapted question of King Lear from last year. So yes, I would say its a weird question, as, in my opinion, most of the problems of the play are a result of Hamlets internal conflict. --E
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    your thoughts on this problem

    hahahah +1. Just joking. just go on as normal cause he'll eventually see that shes controlling him and you guys are still sticking around so he should ditchh the cow.
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    Would you allow your Boyfriend to crap on you?

    Thats gross. Stuff the ultimatum, he he said that it would be over anyway cause thats disgusting.
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    Age to lose virginity...

    How old was everyone when they lost their virginity? :headbang:
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    Catholic Church and HIV/AIDS in Africa.

    Lol WooOOOOW you have so much information. If you know all this, why do you bother asking a forum? Hahahaha...
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    OK. Heres what you do. You type revenge tragedy into google. you read the conventions of a revenge tragedy. you look at hamlet and think, "how many of these conventions fit into hamlet?" then you make a judgement. simple.
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    Module B :Hamlet

    Hey, I think basically that it is about the different perspectives of what the meaning of Hamlet is. For exmaple, how Hamlet can be seen from a Freudian perspective, femenist perspective etc... Like seeing the play through different filters. I did Dracula last year for the similar module...
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    letters to alice questions?

    She values literature as she basically says that good literature can teach society about human behaviour and nature. This is in contrast to her dislike of TV, as she thinks people are lazy by simply watching TV to find out about events around the world. The problem with TV, from her perspective...
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    Hello, question for HSCers

    Well people usually put a lot more effort into their studies in years 11 and 12. If you arent going very well in junior high, dont worry cause you can get your grades back up if you are really committed to doing it and not just kinda want to do better. Year 12 is a committment and if you want a...
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    CONFUSED!!... major work:D

    "GL with making it stand out from the rest. " ??????
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    Anyone been to TSFX "Mastering the Exams" lecture?

    He, I signed up for that yesterday... I don't know what it will be like though... Sorry I can't help you!