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  1. *Pooja*

    iz 3unit worth it???

    i like frontline, did 3U in yr 11, liked it, hated it in the end coz i came as one in the last 10 positions of those doing 3U, gave up 3U, loved 2U teaching myself over the holidays, doing the research, till school came and my teachers stuffed me up, now i hate 2U, i want to do STANDARD...
  2. *Pooja*

    emulsifiers, soap

    whats an emulsifier? i know an emulsion is a dispersion of small droplets of one liquid throughout another liquid. identify the properties of soap that enable it to act as a surfactant. descrtibe the molecular structure of a soap and use this to account for the cleaning action of soaps...
  3. *Pooja*

    cram for physics?

    success one can be purchased from all good bookshops - like dymocks and that...
  4. *Pooja*

    Funny Story about a USyd Student

    hehehe that is funny and using leaves........HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! how embarrassing!
  5. *Pooja*


    okay. from my experience doing well in eng adv is to do lots of ur own research and 2 stay as far as u can away from the teacher's notes and the like. dont make notes everyday....if that doesnt work 4 u i mean. do them at the end of everyweek or sumthing. i found it extremely annoying 2...
  6. *Pooja*

    University Choices

    mostly at UNSW, 1 @ USYD, a couple at UTS was going 2 apply interstate but in the end didnt cos i wudnt get the uai
  7. *Pooja*

    B Social Science

    does any1 know what this program involves? i remember reading sumthing about policy stuff and stuff but i didnt really get it. any1 know? :confused:
  8. *Pooja*

    My Eco Notes

    cool notes! (i feel like ive seen these notes somewhere before......)
  9. *Pooja*

    Imaginary numbers? So last century. sorry but im unable 2 c what ur point is...... or r u just bored. oh well...i do agree with u in ur opinion on complex numbers. but did u know that with specific complex numbers u cud make pretty patterns and that?
  10. *Pooja*

    movies or theatre?

    the movies all the way!!!!!! however which theatres would u be referring to - i hated this one at parramatta riverside. it sucked.
  11. *Pooja*

    Can I get high 80's?

    aim for 90s or mid 80s-90s in everything u never know with scaling...
  12. *Pooja*

    Doing subjects just cause they scale well... why?

    true true. beside learning a new language requires much dedication and concentration that sum ppl may have to spend more time focussing on the language than their other subjects hence conclusively degrading their performance in those other subjects. (sorry i went off on a tangent there with...
  13. *Pooja*

    Doing subjects just cause they scale well... why?

    hmm...ur enquiry is quite broadly based. but frankly, any1 who does a course just for scaling adn not bcos they like it sucks big time!!! yes i do know of a couple of dimwits that did that - and they happen t be in my grade. i only started at my school in yr 11 and there are ppl (im not naming...
  14. *Pooja*

    [B]Which breed are you?

    hmm...not all ppl that go 2 selective skools r smart and not all ppl that go to non-selective r dumb. but anyways.....
  15. *Pooja*

    frontline responses - a doubt

    thanks heaps!!!!!!!
  16. *Pooja*

    double marking

    this is what is ask for, at least something like this!!!!!!!!!!
  17. *Pooja*

    double marking

    wind, thats exactly what ive longed for all through the HSC course. dammit. i hope u realise that ure realli lucky!
  18. *Pooja*

    double marking

    ryan.cck: hmm...with enlgish, i got told by this guy that fort street triple marks!!!!! i was like wow! the teachers have lots of time. the guy got reasonable marks too. with sciences, our skool had different teachers mark diff sections of the paper, which is pretty much single marking 2 me...
  19. *Pooja*

    Weird disparity with computing degrees

    yeah..i was really interested in it too. and i was pretty much wondering about what Munchy asked. Would u be able to reply Beaky?