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  1. forbidden01

    Age Difference

    awww, you'll find someone....
  2. forbidden01

    School camp - Compulsory?

    no, it's not for catholic schools. i went to one, didn't have anything to do with crossroads. we did have "retreat" though... all that ~spiritual~ shit that no one even paid attention to.
  3. forbidden01

    Age Difference

    :o i just found this thread ! ... my sister is dating a 40 year old. she's 23 in june. I haven't met the guy, despite this being their 3rd YEAR together... oh and did i mention that he lives on the other side of the country ? >.>
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    chicks lovin cars & bikes

    oh dear god. i miss this thread. i think i've decided that i wanna get a vintage car. or maybe work on the hotrod my uncle started before he had a kid and never finished it.
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    Misfits on e4

  6. forbidden01

    Anyone else here attending APM college of Business ?

    I just wanna get an idea of any BOSers that go to there even anyone ?
  7. forbidden01

    which mobile phone carrier are you with?

    Optus. I actually find it's pretty good. there's only sometimes where i want to hit/throw my phone but that's actually quite rare for me. maybe it's just where i live ?
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    Creative Story Ideas?

    if you need any help with creative writing i can try to help. My teachers told me to try to find a metaphor for belonging and start there. I tried to do one about abuse because obviously, no one "belongs" in an abusive situation. if you want me to, i can post it up here....or something. i...
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    Belonging Movies

    you can use songs and stuff too. .... just sayin.
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    So how long does it take you to get to uni and back?

    mine's probably gonna take me like an hour an a half, depending on how long i have to wait for a train either at granville or at central. i'm actually not 100% sure how long it'll take me to get to North Sydney
  11. forbidden01

    At what age (if any) do you plan on having children?

    mid to late 20s for me. i wanna have 3 kids, and i kinda wanna be young enough to play with them and run around with them and whatever before the mid life crisis sets in :P nahh, just kidding, but i do think i'd like to have one at about 25-28 ish. i guess it depends on what i'm up to in my...
  12. forbidden01

    What Makeup Do Wear To School/University?

    luckyyyy. my skin is always shithouse. can i trade you ? XDD
  13. forbidden01

    What Makeup Do Wear To School/University?

    i usually just wear eyeliner, maybe a little mascara and lip gloss/balm, but i like the natural look. i like to keep it simple. my skin is soooooo sensitive, so i can't really wear foundation or whatever, i like it better without.
  14. forbidden01

    Australian Business Academy

    i haven't heard of it before, but sounds like APM. check out APM it's a college that gives you a degree (Bach of Business) or a diploma in whatever you want. Advertising, Marketing, Events Management, etc. i'm going there this year :3 take a look ?
  15. forbidden01

    UTS Bachelor of Business

    look at APM, yes, it's a private college, but from what i've heard, it fully equips you with practical and theory about whatever you pick. i'm gonna do the marketing course, i'm so excited to start. and the good thing is it's a full degree, so it's the exact same as...
  16. forbidden01

    LMAO. yep. sounds like mine. hahahahaha. ahhh maltese families. they make me laugh. i made it...

    LMAO. yep. sounds like mine. hahahahaha. ahhh maltese families. they make me laugh. i made it for my boyfriend the other day actually. He's Turkish and he'd never had it before. His whole family LOVED it. hahah and i made him try pastizzi. that's why i had some :P tehehe
  17. forbidden01

    hahaha, they were AMAZING ! ....for lack of a better word :P well, my nanna has been making it...

    hahaha, they were AMAZING ! ....for lack of a better word :P well, my nanna has been making it ever since i can remember and she's very maltese, and it's not particularly a cake. It's like, a chocolate mixture of butter, sugar, dark chocolate, etc layered with coffee soaked plain biscuits. It's...
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    I'm enjoying the freedom, but i'm so excited to start. I need a job ! grrrrr.
  19. forbidden01

    Kurt Cobain ruined music*

    lol...thing is....i dont listen to any radio that much...only in the car to and from school...that's it...the rest is from my ipod