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    Looking to watch berserk soon!

    Looking to watch berserk soon!
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    Need help with choosing Uni Courses and Advice

    If it helps, I'm doing a bachelor of commerce, business analytics major at MQ (which is supposed to be the "hardest" major in the course), they said on the website I needed extension maths "assumed knowledge". I went in with standard maths. (MQ doesn't do prereqs, they'll let you in regardless...
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    RolePlay Thread

    [Yh sure. Maybe we can do a google docs or smth.]
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    RolePlay Thread

    [I think I'll just watch from the sidelines for now. Thx again tho! Also, did you ever end up making our roleplay into a book? I'd be more than happy to do that in my free time if you haven't done so already. Maybe we can even give the story a proper ending instead of the rushed one?]
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    RolePlay Thread

    [They truly were. I don't mind joining, but it'll be rather inconsistent and I don't want to ruin the flow of the story. Thank you though :). I will be reading your new posts every now and then.]
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    RolePlay Thread

    [Was a pleasure working with you all and having fun during HSC exam times :) ]
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    RolePlay Thread

    [Irrelevant but I just reread this entire thread. Really fun and brought back some good HSC memories. It's a shame we never truly finished it. Also, wow, 29 k views!?!? Crazy!]
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    MQ Chatter Thread

    Really good! So glad I put this uni as my first preference.
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    What mark is needed to be in the top 20 for business studies?

    Thanks Jimmy! Aww man, I had no chance lol, but my friend just missed; got a 97. I guess the top 20 all got 98 plus in 2021. Thanks again :)
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    What mark is needed to be in the top 20 for business studies?

    Just wondering, did really well in business studies but I don't think high enough to be in the top 20. My other mate came first in our school, but surprisingly not in top 20 despite getting a really high mark.
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    RolePlay Thread

    Always the dramatic one, aren't we? Lol
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    RolePlay Thread

    Man I can't believe how much we've worked into this, definitely gonna read through it again once I finish exams.
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    What subject do I drop?

    Can't comment on PDHPE but eco in year 12 needs a LOT of effort and time, and I mean a LOT. I spent almost 60% of my time in year 12 just on eco. It's not insanely hard, but requires, as mentioned before, plenty of effort and time, so if you don't need eco and plan to do 4 unit maths, I suggest...
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    subject selection help, pls!!

    Business is an excellent choice, doesn't need an insane amount of effort to do well in, it was my least effort subject and I ended up getting the highest in it for my HSC lol.
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    english paper 1

    Congrats guys! Paper one is DONE! The rest will fly in no time :) Hope you all smash it/get the marks you hope for!
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    Memorising Essay..

    Glad that helped 😊 And congrats for the great achievement!
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    What exactly does it mean to have a narrow export base? Also, what are the effects of having a narrow export base on the economy?

    Narrow export base means Australia doesn't have a variety of exports. Because of this, if the demand for iron ore for example goes down, export revenue would decrease significantly as Australia heavily relies on this as a source of export revenue. This will worsen the balance on goods and...
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    Al-Faisal College beats James Ruse in Maths

    Congratulations to them and all other schools that did extremely well!
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    Atar Estimate

    I think you should be fine, it will have a lot of maths and programming. Also,have you considered a bachelor in commerce?