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    Timetable-Who is the student advisor?

    Does anyone know how I would go abouot FORCING a clash on my timetable? I tried the staff assisted timetable change but they couldn't help me, they said I needed to get permission from somewhere, who do I see?
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    What's after Medicine

    So i'm currently doing a combined degree which is 5 years, i've got 3 yrs left. After which i'll study MBBS which I think for postgrad is only 4 years?(correct me if i'm wrong). I have no idea what you have to do after the degree if you want to specialise in a field. Can someone explain what...
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    Semester 1 Timetables

    Ahh yes I remember having to endure this walk, more than likely by week 4 you'll want to just end up skipping one of these lectures.
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    What have you eaten today?

    mmmmm rolled oats, the best food, i love it, drip it all around my mouth mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
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    Semester 1 Timetables

    Thanks for heads up
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    Semester 1 Timetables

    It says I have difficult clashes and need to attend staff-assisted timetable changes. Can I do this before O-week by any chance to avoid the crowds? Also, I don't understand how this could be possible since I'm following a pre-determined subject list for the intermediate stage of my degree and...
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    Any tips on passing this stupid subject?
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    Advanced maffs units

    Mate you can basically do whatever you want. I did Chem life sciences in 1st year without having HSC chem behind me and I too was advised to not do it. If you think you can pass the subject then go ahead.
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    "DON'T do medicine"

    Obviously that article is pointed at the so called "baseline" jobs within the medical profession, i.e. GP, I know plenty of Specialists who are earning a cool 500k for what is basically reading a set of results and determining the diagnosis. Strive for the top and it's well worth all the...
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    Semester 2, 2011 Results Thread

    Fair enough, how'd you find that info out?
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    Semester 2, 2011 Results Thread

    Does anybody know how they distribute the grades? Is it top 5% receive HD, etc.
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    Semester 2, 2011 Results Thread

    When did your last Law exam finish?
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    Semester 2, 2011 Results Thread

    Seriously, what takes them so long to process the results. For one of my subjects there are only 50 people in it and the final exam was all MC, yet I havn't received one single result
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    I need a job.

    It's not something you can 'get', you have to be born with the capacity to attract job offers.
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    How do you become Dux?

    As in beat everyone in all your subjects for the year or for the entire duration of your degree?
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    How do you become Dux?

    Title says it all-Clarification: Sorry I'm not talking about school Dux, i'm talking about the university medal at Sydney uni
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    Timetables (Semester 2, 2011)

    Can anyone tell me how long before timetables are cemented into position, Example, I received my timetable ages ago but just today i customized it so that one of my tuts has been moved to a different day, will it take effect by monday?
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    semester 1 results

    Most people who study hard can't even achieve a credit so thats pretty good considering you didn't study, btw is that bieber in your gif rofl
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    semester 1 results

    It is now the 8th of effing July and still no results! Usyd is hopeless
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    Missing your Orientation Day

    Are people that aren't usyd students allowed to go to O-week?