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  1. arghstupidjo

    improving your listening skills [jap contin]

    LISTENING IS MY WORSE! >< and jap trials are on wednesday for OHS students.. My teacher sent me two pass papers - 2007 japanese trials and one from some masami sorrel lady.. both, i felt the listening were hard!! how do i improve? its abit late i know! >< maybe i should isten to all the OHS cds...
  2. arghstupidjo

    Princess Diana help on major project!

    DUE SOON! >< i have nothing, because probably i've been constantly see-sawing on extension history.. there was a period in which i dropped it and then took it back up! my oral is due on the monday.. and i dont know what to talk about!! what could i write in my essay? I've decided on the...
  3. arghstupidjo

    1o units being risky ? - my subject selections

    Im planning to drop a few things this term and considering to take up religion 2unit. Im really not sure though, and even had an appointment with the principal to work things out. ok i have never passed a single math exam since my preliminary life. I'm averaging on band threes and i think...
  4. arghstupidjo

    Looking for history extension tutor! =]

    HI, my name is joanne, and im currently in YR12. im doin history extension, ancient hist, business studies, mathematics, jap continuers, and SOR 1UNIT, ADV ENG Im looking for a hist ex tutor so i can achieve school has never achieved an E4 in hist extension, and the teacher does not...
  5. arghstupidjo

    EXT HIST scaling.. and how to do well?

    Ok.. well i need ext hsit because i wanna do twelve units in case i stuff up BAD in my mathematics which i really will stuff up. Um.. firstly, my teacher is not the best teacher because hes like those 'bludge' teachers that dont really do anyhting but talk about his life throughout class. He...
  6. arghstupidjo

    martin luther king's speech "i have a dream" as a related text?

    :chainsaw: For history and memory, its about how memory or the current perspectives are shaped through history. am i correct? ><.. ok, so i have decided to use Martin Luther King's speech "I have a dream" as a 'related text' <- for a list of related texts we have to give in by the end of this...
  7. arghstupidjo

    the scaling of 1 unit subjects are crap?

    is this true >< i do 1 unit religion and 1 unit history extension.. is it true that 1u subjects have horrible scaling?
  8. arghstupidjo

    How do we actually study for Extension History?

    the HSC exam and everything? :/... like.. i know this sounds bad >< but all im doing in our ext hist classes are reading like.. different peoples' perspectives of historography. I feel so dumb because im worried that my knowledge of HISTORY not HISTROGRAPHY is really limited.. like would it be...
  9. arghstupidjo

    does Business studies really have bad scaling..?

    crap.. does it really have bad scaling.. because i think im going to do my worst in business out of my subjects.. and i dont think ive good good scale subjects. i have bus stud, ancient hist, ext hist, jap contin, adv eng, maths and sor 1unit ><"..
  10. arghstupidjo

    Interior Architecture, Computing architecture = high employment rates?

    is interior architecture or computing architecture a degree with good job opportunities? or no? .. like is the employment rate good? anyone anyone?
  11. arghstupidjo

    i screwed up my first HSC asessment.. am i screwed T^T

    i feel so screwed.. i've come to such a bad start >,<.. my first hsc asessment was business studies and i got 70 % for that.. and i think im in the lower rankings.. do you think i'm screwed ><".. the weighting for this asessment was 15 %.. so i have to do good in that 85 % which i wont do good...