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    Does doing B.Comm/B.Law from Uni of Western Sydney affect your employment prospects?

    I have heard a lot of people say that the 'top-tier' law firms disregard University of Western Sydney, as in they only employ students of Uni of Sydney/Uni of New South Wales/Macquarie? If I did a double-degree of B.Comm/B. Law at University of Western Sydney, would it affect my future...
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    How is the B. Comm/B. Law degree at University of Western Sydney?

    I heard that Law and Commerce are both very 'dry' degrees... But is that really the case...?? This combined degree is just perfect for me, as I have a strong passion in both Business and the wider world (law). It is a looonggg double-degree of 5 years... But could anyone doing B. Comm/B. Law...
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    Remembering english essay word-for-word

    Sir you are right... Its better to remember a whole essay, because making a decent essay in 40min is hard enough... remembering an essay with a general thesis can adapt any question... Lets just say you lose nothing if you remember a whole essay.. you have both an essay and 'key ideas'...
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    Remembering english essay word-for-word

    but isnt it hard to make a new essay within the exam room?? can't you just remember the whole essay... n adapt it to the new question...??
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    Remembering english essay word-for-word

    What is the best technique past HSC students have used to remember your english HSC word-for-word? Also, is it easy or hard remembering word-for-word?
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    Question about Lenz's Law

    Thank you very helpful!
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    Question about Lenz's Law

    With reference to Lenz's Law explain why it is harder to turn a generator when it is connected to a load (e.g. a light bulb) than when it is connected to a load? Please help :) Thanks
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    For Science (School Cert.), Does it include only year 10 syllabus or year 9 as well?

    I am just confused about the syllabus..... is the science school cert on what you have done in year 10 only... or year 9 & 10 combined? To make it easier.... is the science exam on: a) year 10 syllabus b) year 9 syllabus + year 10 syllabus
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    help for physics assignment easyy!!!

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    just another physics help please all of these are easy!!

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    help for physics equation.... its easy!!

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    just another physics help please all of these are easy!!

    What is the electromagnetic spectrum? Explain how the waves in one region of the electromagnetic spectrum can be produced and detected?
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    physics equation.... please help

    If I dropped a 40kg rock over the edge of a 60m high cliff on the Moon, where g=1.64ms-2 a) How long would the rock take to hit the ground and b) What would the rock's weight be on the Moon?
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    help for physics assignment easyy!!!

    Describe the big bang theory and state three observations that support the theory?
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    help for physics equation.... its easy!!

    Two lightning strikes occur simultaneously 10km apart. If an observer was 3km from one strike and 7km from the other strike, find: a) The time delay between the first light flash and second light flash reaching him. (c = 3 x 10^8 ms^-1) b)The time delay between the sound of the closer reaching...
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    The Impacts of Decreasing Interest Rates, Decreasing Inflation, Less Consumer Confide

    nce on businesses and consumers just wanted a couple points of the top of your heads if you can help with even at least one them if not all of them
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    99+ UAI James Ruse tutor for English and Maths

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    can someone please help about the current economic crisis for my commerce assignment

    Investigate and report on current issues relating to changes in economic activity and the impacts on consumers and businesses above is the task.... teachers given a few notes like Current issues relating to economic activity Impacts on a) consumers b) businesses :p> :p> 1. Economic...
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    Maths help please?

    A machine produces 30 articles in t hours. If the machine were to produce 5 more articles each hour, it would take half an hour less to produce 30 articles. Find t.
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    help for experiment

    okay thank you