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    UTS or ACU? Bachelor of Education (Primary)

    UTS Kuringai or ACU Strathfield - Currently deciding between the two universities. Both seem like great courses after browsing previous forums and both universities websites etc. Such a hard decision for myself! I'm on the fence about whether or not I should remain in the Catholic school system...
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    This is kind of belated, but, yes!
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    Anyone else accepted into the Early Achievers Program?

    Hi! That's the thing - it is third in my preferences for a reason. However, I currently am torn between changing my preferences just in case my ATAR doesn't deliver the necessary requirements or holding out and seeing how I go! Thanks for your reply :)
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    Anyone else accepted into the Early Achievers Program?

    I received the email this morning! :) It states 'Please note that to receive this offer, the Bachelor of Education (Primary) must be the highest eligible preference on your Tertiary Admissions Centre application' Awkward times when it's listed third in my preferences - does this matter? I'm...
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    D&T Exam tomorrow...

    heheh shhhh give the people time to speak
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    D&T Exam tomorrow...

    how prepared are you?