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    General Thoughts - Ancient History

    i did the fall of the republic and caesar. and...erm..."why did the republic fall"? or whatever the question that even a question lol! no thinking required there. but now saying that i probably screwed it up lol. but overall an enjoyable exam, pompey last question threw me off a...
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    anyone else SCREWEDDD for HSC EXAM ancient history?

    our class did caesar and the fall of the roman republic together so it feels like this giant huge NEVER ENDING subject. arghhh. im just hoping that if i can get a 90 in the trial i can get 90 in the exam! but seriously, you think you have finally got the majority of it remembered and then...
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    question on the significance of pompey

    if we get asked to discuss, evaluate etc the significance of pompeys military and political career or something along the lines of that, should we include his actions in the civil war? or just his role in the outbreak of war and everything before hand. thanks! el. :)
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    thanks, that helped me understand alot!
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    i just took this from last years markers notes For The Tragedy of King Lear, textual integrity involves the literary elements and techniques (language, structure, content, form and features, themes and characterisation) contributing to a personal appreciation and understanding of the play...
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    in my trial the question did not refer to productions but it was something about the enduring nature of lear and my response consistantly referred to productions and critical interpretations and i got 20/20, so how can you say you will get a bad mark if you refer to readings?
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    Section 2

    why would your teachers and tutors give you change papers when we are doing journeys? thats seems stupid to me.
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    General Thoughts - English Paper 1 2007

    i do inner journeys and i thought that was ok...hopefully i answered it right though. I had just prepared a whole essay on how unexpected people, objects and choices act as catalysts etc... comprehension is always my worst section so i am really worried, i told my teacher that i really tried...
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    Creative writing title?

    i think they might have been being sarcastic...because he said bring in a picture or draw your own...and obviously you are not allowed to take any material into the exam... plus do you think our teachers would leave out that tiny detail...
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    Longest relationship?

    mine is 2 years, but we broke up because he cheated on me with a girl who was supposed to be my friend. then they started going out the next day after i broke up with him. so tasteless! but then it turns out she was cheated on him sooo.....umm.....KARMA! chaching!
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    2007 Finished Works

    that was awesome! i really loved it!
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    Study breaks

    oh eating is possibly my favourite way to spend study breaks! it really is easier when you know after this essay you get easy mac
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    The Department Says Relax

    gosh i do about 5-6 hours and im so stressed and freaked out i feel like i am going to vomit. i did my hsc over two years due to illness and now i am so angry that i didnt work harder last year. grr. damn my less inspired, less caring last year self!
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    fairway scheme and university aggregate

    ok, you know how the uni of adelaide has the fairway scheme which adds 6 marks to your university aggregate, if you are doing your HSC, how do they give you the bonus points, or how do they work out your university aggregate?
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    schoolies at byron

    my 9 friends and i are going to byron for the 24th - 1st....were gonna make it sweeet as.
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    im doing pathways due to a long battle with anorexia and bulimia. so glad theres only 7 weeks to go now. yay.
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    well i am now in my second year and i am doing pathways because of a long term illness, which thankfully has been alot easier this year. the one annoying thing though is how everyone says "oh, well you got that mark because you only do 3 subjects" and its like argh! i spend all my free time...
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    impact of caesars dictatorship

    i have to write a speech on the impact of caesars dictatorship on rome due monday and i am having a little bit of trouble. so far i have notes for - precedents he set (ie. coins) - his reforms - his contribution to the collapse of the republic it doesnt really seem like enough, is there...
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    So what did everyone think of it??

    i wrote about how nationalism was not a significant cause, and that the democracy had little/no nationalism which is why most people turned to the nazis because if their nationalistic ideology and hence lead to its failure. then i went on to discuss the other factors that contributed to the...
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    well we had to change venues out of the nice comfortable extremely familiar chapel hall due to the high school certificate, and had to move to this little room in the primary as you imagine....9 year recess....and the supervisers kept playing with the air conditioning so...