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    Male teen loses half of male part.

    You forgot to put on your sunglasses.
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    about light on plant growth

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    enzyme rennin - pH

    We did rennin effect on milk.
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    Beadle and Tatum

    +1 to fullonoob. What he said is right. You just have to relate their result to the question.
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    Artificial Life

    Maybe as an example, but i wouldn't suggest basing your response around this. It's not part of the syllabus, that's why, and BoS is very fickle about that. If you could relate this to the syllabus, maybe.
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    Enzyme Practical Investigation

    Or you know, Milk and Rennin (Renin, however you spell it)...
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    Artificial Life

    He inserted a synthesized Genome into an empty cell membrane. This bacterium can replicate normally. Catalyst: Dr Craig Venter - ABC TV Science Craig Venter - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Good example of a Transgenic Species.

    Frost resistant tomatoes. They were inserted with a gene that produces anti freeze, i think. One process in gene therapy is gene gun therapy, which is where they fire the alternate gene into the cell nucleus, or something like that.
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    Beadle and Tatum

    Well. If you search up Beadle and Tatum, I believe that at least one of them used x-rays to modify the genetic code of a test subject, to prevent a certain protein to be produced. I think. Use that as the core. You should relate Beadle and Tatum's results to show how x-ray's can alter...
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    Artificial Life

    The title may be a misnomer, but does anyone think what Craig Venter has just done is amazing?
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    Pulp fiction?

    It depends. Can you develop a decent thesis in conjunction with your set text? Can you extract and express how Pulp Fiction is conveys what you need to be talking about, for example "Conflicting perspectives"? And can you relate it to your set text in an eloquent essay? If you can, go for it.
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    Which is the easiest Option Topic?

    Depends. Good schools generally do Genetics. Communication is easily the easiest, but excelling at that generally wouldn't be as good as getting great at Genetics.
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    gas exchange methods

    Insects - Using the direct diffusion of gases in the holes (spiracles) are used as this replaces the need of an internal blood system (which insects do not have, rather they have a giant vessel where bodily fluids are found). It allows for all the cells to obtain necessary gases etc. This...
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    Band 6 in Business

    Well obviously a raw 90 mark would be a band 6. But for an aligned mark i'd say around 88. However, you need to get a total mark (including school assessment) of over 94 to not be completely raped by UAC. but that was last year.