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    I'm a Croupier at Star City... maybe u want to be one too...

    6 years is a bit long but the quickist i have seen is 2.5 years and it's only HD which means Level 7 pay not 67k salary this is after you become full time Supervisor. Are u trying 2 get that prize they are offering to find them dealers ?
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    star city casino job

    u wont be assigned a private room when u start working, ppl who deal in there have been at star city for at least 4+ yrs and they mainly play baccarat but ur first game will be blackjack.
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    star city casino job

    what position did you apply for ? dealer , security, waiter etc...
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    Fundamental Analysis: Marion Energy (MAE)

    not bad if it can get those gas. how long have u held this stock for ?
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    Fundamental Analysis: Marion Energy (MAE)

    how much shares do you hold cyph ?
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    public housing

    You can apply for public housing but i can tell you now that you will not get it. The waiting list is very long the minimum time to be offered one is 10 years and more also it depends on which area you want to apply to places like Marrickville,Glebe, Redfern or places around the fringes of...
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    Star City

    The pay is $15.7989 p/hr (First 3 months) $17.0227 p/hr (after 3 months) There's also penalty rates depending on the times which you work Also there's pay rises for getting more games you can deal.
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    Star City

    Star City doesn't offer PT/Casual work they only offer Full-time due to the Enterprise Agreement they signed with the union but if you work there for about a year then you can apply for PT/Casual position due to the time you been there. The major start time for a dealer is 4:00am -...
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    Ed was on last night at 11:30pm i think it's season 4 episodes
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    is pizza delivery dangerous?

    I reommend that you get a baseball bat to put in your car for your protection cause i once went with a guy who delivered pizza for dominoes and he said that its to stop guys who try to bash and take the your change. Where is your dominoes at ?
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    Hsc At Tafe?

    The reason they don't accept cash anymore is a few years back during enrolment day a few guys came to one of the Tafe campus ( I think Granville ) and did a hold up of the place and took all the enrolment money from that campus so from then onwards the policy was no cash on Tafe premises.
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    my one goes from 8:30pm - 5:30am But most people start from 10 - 2
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    Coles Myer Group Interviews

    Yes i got a Timesheet when i started which was back in January which every colesmyer store should have. But the reason some people have not being paid is nobody tells them to get a timesheet when they are new to the store. When i did the induction it was not online but involved going to...
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    Coles Myer Group Interviews

    You know that when you start work with colesmyer that you get a 'Timesheet' and get the Manager to sign for each shift you did and when Sunday rolls around you put it inside a box placed outside the admin office or give it to the admin office so this way they process your pay while they get you...
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    Coles Myer Group Interviews

    For Induction money on your payslip it's got 'BORAL' printed.
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    WHO HERE is intending to have a job and STILL HAS NO JOB???

    The thing with Colesmyer is the more you want them to ring they won't ring but if you just forget it they ring. If i could i would give my job at coles to somebody who needed but damn company doesn't have a job sharing policy.
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    Banking help

    Well they don't call it Term deposit but the way it is invested is the same as a term deposit where you don't actually access your funds for a period of time just like a term deposit. The Bank when they offer you Term Deposit they don't actually tell you what they do with your money do they...
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    Banking help

    Try The rates are way higher then any banks offer But its a term deposit.
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    Woolworths Group Interviews...

    Call the recruitment office cause when i passed the group assessment the recruitment organise the store interview and rang up for the store ( different to colesmyer where the store rings you directly for a personal interview).
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    Australia vs Rest of the World (cricket)

    The six-day test is being played at the SCG so you guys should have a chance to see it.