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    wouldnt be surprised if BOSTES did that, they are known for their wicked antics :newburn:
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    last page of mc was fricken weird. thought there were too many A's circled on my sheet so i changed like 2 answers LOl.. nothing can get more idiotic than that
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    everyones reaction to the crime essay was priceless haha! Mult choice + HR easy, I honestly was not expecting surrogacy for family and the questions were soo similar to last years dispute resolution... shelter (social housing) was a joke but overall paper was okay and straight forward!
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    Obligatory "Predictions" Post

    nature of crime!? didn't even know it was possible to ask an essay question based on that
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    Obligatory "Predictions" Post

    was thinking moral/ethical standards or law reform for crime, some people were saying young offenders because it's never been asked before (lets hope not), family - compliance or contemporary issues? and for shelter possibly encouraging cooperation and resolving conflict or compliance
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    HSC Ext History Exam

    it was so good! loved the questions
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    Yo, Where My Bio Fam At?

    my teachers couldnt even answer some of the mc/short answers
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    Exam thoughts

    right? my teacher scared us into thinking the questions are going to focus on the key features/issues so we were all shitting ourselves prior to the exam @_@ i mentioned they were both reliable to a certain extent cause source A was somewhat of a propagandist poster and source B included only 1...
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    Exam thoughts

    how'd everyone go? - decided to study nazi foreign policy last minute (guess you could bullshit through it tho).. rest was okay, writing was horrific in the personality section.. :uhoh: props to hsc markers for dealing with our rubbish squiggle
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    2016ers Chit-Chat Thread

    i'm just worried about my writing, looked like complete rubbish today :( overall the exam was okay; some questions threw me off (Mod A specific extracts, Mod B specific speech)
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    13 units

    i'm in of luck sir
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    13 units

    manageable right now I guess, the year has just started and idk if it's going to get rocky soon
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    13 units

    currently doing Biology, 2U SOR, Advanced English, Modern History, Extension History, PDHPE and Legal Studies. I was wondering if 13 units is a bit too much for someone to handle? And I was contemplating whether to drop PDHPE or just keep the 13 units, any thoughts? :confused::confused: any...
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    Major work suggestions

    Hey guys, I'm really struggling to choose a topic and find a question for it, I was thinking topics such as Pre-Communist Russia, Trotsky v Stalin, Joseph Stalin or the Battle of Stalingrad... please help :( suggestions and questions for these would be highly appreciated
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    Should I so history extension?

    I picked it up and so far, I think it's great. If you're interested in the topic and put in work for it, then go for it and if you don't enjoy it you can drop it at any time.
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    Headstart for year 11?

    Good choice with legal and modern, best subjects to choose from tbh. For the essay/writing-based subjects e.g legal, english and modern, utilize your free time to practice essays under exam conditions at home just as it is crucial to get used to the pressure etc so you don't have to worry too...
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    Legal Studies or Senior Science?

    I think Legal studies scaling is moderate/average not 'bad', you shouldn't really worry about that anyway if you're getting top marks.. but it definitely scales better than senior science and subjects like business etc
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    Do not know what to write for this question.

    Define human rights first. then choose an example, some including the UDHR, ICCPR (International Convention on Civil and Political Rights) and ICESCR (International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights).. (these 3 documents are called the International Bill of Rights) The...
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    How do you study for modern?

    practicing essays under exam conditions at home is vital and helps you heaps for modern exams. everyone has a different way of learning/studying but usually i type my notes, read + highlight them and re-write them. however, when you're practicing essays never choose a particular question to...
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    Legal Studies or Senior Science?

    If you think you're more of a literal person, choose legal studies. It does have a lot of content you need to sink in during year 11 (vital for year 12) but it's basic knowledge, basically just definitions and stuff. Senior science is a mix of chem, bio and physics which can be annoying if you...