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    Your current liability..

    'Your current liability as of 07/07/2004 was $240.70' Does anyone know what this is for?
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    What do you think of the lecturers so far?

    same! how about how he goes "I'M GONNA DIEEEEEE" when everyone just stares at him when he says "easy? easy? goooodddd" :|
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    UNSW Meetup Part II

    yep i'm up for the meet! lin u forgot to say i'm one of the girl BOSers that go to unsw! haha how could u forget me! please give plentttty of notice for date and time!
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    qma midsession

    any1 know where to get more past midsessions? i wanna leave the past final exams for the finals.. heh
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    UNSW Shanghainese Society!!

    crazylil, you're my new best friend. hehehe we need some sort of identification.... a banana sticker on our heads? :P
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    UNSW Shanghainese Society!!

    are you at unsw?? let's start let's start let's start! i know heaps of fellow bananas :D
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    UNSW Shanghainese Society!!

    oops didn't see this at first. yeah man i'll join. co presidency? :D
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    UNSW Shanghainese Society!!

    muahahaha lin, trust you to come up with something like this. i'm still waiting for the 'Banana' society (yellow on the out, white on the in)
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    qma exam

    GO LOUIS yeah hes the best
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    Finance Students!

    'commonwealth bank' muahaha. what effective marketing they have
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    ACCT1501 stupid question

    hahah hey tib!
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    does anyone check ur bus ticket (from central)?

    so did i! i told them off. 'no one has EVER told us we had to insert the tickets here' "well you do" 'well no one told us!' 'why do you think these are here?!' dickhead i swear
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    Comsoc Camp / Cruise

    I don't know what the 2nd + yearers that I talked to were going on about, because I thought the cruise last night was awesome :) *thumbs up*
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    Comsoc Camp / Cruise

    we should so think of something to identify BOSers hehe something discreet but readable
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    ACCT1501 stupid question

    ahh it's all clearer now. thanks :)
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    ACCT1501 stupid question

    yeah then what's matching??
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    ACCT1501 stupid question

    hey all.. just wanted to know in regards to the underlying assumptions of accting, is 'matching' the same as 'materiality'? cause i was reading the textbook and the course resource kit (the textbook doesn't have matching, and the course resource kit doesn't have materiality). Just wondering if...
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    Comsoc Camp / Cruise

    and me
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    Comsoc Camp / Cruise

    lol minai! i'm going to the cruise. come everybody. i'm in search of the "normal" people (didn't want to bring that up againnnnn but you know what i mean)
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    quantitative methods a

    haha. i know. i have leung as well. "this is a function" really??? well i suppose they gotta teach us everything as if we never knew it before.... and i wouldn't go to those labs if it wasn't for those free 5 attendance marks!