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    What won't you miss about high school.

    DIDO with the fuckin physics.
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    17, pregnant, yr 12 next year.. what do i do?

    u dumb idiot. ur so fuckin dumb that i laugh at ur situation. its called a condom loser.....or are u against it cause ur apart of a "heavily christian family"....cant be that religious otherwise u wouldnt have had sex before mariage. BURRRRRRRRRRRRRRN. sucks to be you!
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    st marys senior

    im guessing ur from rooty hill high?
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    The Chicks at USYD Art Faculty

    nah radiography chicks are hotter :D
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    does love exist.

    unfortunately huny its not real, its just a conjured emotion to make people feel good about themselves to tower over others who are supposedly "NOT inlove" its a bunch of shit anyways, the only guy u'll ever seriously like will be a total noob and fuck u over leaving u emotionally scarred, the...
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    Kosovo declares Independence

    maybe ur the spacktard u fuckin retard.
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    what makes someone a 'slut'?

    damn i wasnt thinking that! :(
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    >>The entire paper here<<

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    what makes someone a 'slut'?

    play cluedo?
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    wtf is trolling :S
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    what makes someone a 'slut'?

    its cause ur a dooche why dont u go buy a kebab?
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    what makes someone a 'slut'?

    only if u add my msn handsome :D
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    what makes someone a 'slut'?

    your a dooche i already done my HSC im at usyd faggot wtf ur still on BOS after all this time? jesus christ dont u have better shit to do? mwwwwwwwwwa
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    should i drop to general maths?

    no it wont stuff up ur mark. i got 91 UAI and i done general maths.
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    do people actually miss school

    yea i miss it heaps :(
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    what makes someone a 'slut'?

    a girl who has every single STI under the sun and says "Want some fun for a dollar" :D
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    Simpsons Quotes thread

    Homer: theres the right way, the wrong way and the max power way Bart: whats that? Homer: thats the wrong way, just faster. OMFG LOL
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    The World of Pick-Up Line

    babii you make my heart beat like a subwooofa.
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    Movie Quote Game

    "same person, no difference at all, just a different sex"