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    Do we have to choose our majors during the enrollment?

    I've heard that majors can be chosen later on from other people. Can we leave the section for majors/sub majors for later or do we have to choose one as soon as possible?
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    so its after..5pm who has their early offer?

    I'm trying to enroll... and then theres this part that i have to put my TFN in and i forgot what it was!!! No iPad for me to collect this sunday and monday :( i'll collect it before the course starts hopefully...
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    Predictions for tomorrows Business Studies exam?

    Anyone have any predictions for tomorrows Business Studies exam? particularly on the two long responses. Also good luck tomorrow business students! :D
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    What are your opinions on the general math 2013 exam paper?

    My opinion... it was quite harder compared to previous papers.
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    ATAR estimate please

    School rank 2012: Not able to find, not in top 200. Subjects (marks and ranks based on trials) English standard: mark 58/100, rank 15/60. General Mathematics: mark 51/100, rank 12/61. Business Studies: mark 56/100, rank 10/26. Information Technology: mark 81/100, rank 4/7. Japanese...
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    How many hours of sleep a night are you HSC students getting? Share your experience.

    I usually get about 6 hours of sleep on a school night, but some days i just feel like shit when i get home. What about you guys?
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    Help with loving my bias!!!

    let me take my asthma puffer, i suffer from severe nervousness and panic attacks. People call me weak since i am very skinny to the bone. But i can lift 1.5kg on both arms.
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    Help with loving my bias!!!

    oh my god a girl, i am a gamer otaku and i have been waiting for a post like this for a very long time~~!!!