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    Experienced tutor ATAR 99.75 - Chem/English/Eco/Physics

    Hey guys, My name is Randula and I graduated from Girraween High School in 2009. I received a 2009 NSW ATAR of 99.75. With 2 years of experience under my belt, I have taught students with different levels of expectations and abilities. For HSC students, I will be tutoring the following...
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    Pre Uni College homebush

    Every tutoring college advertises their students ATARs. If you go to the website for any of them such as Matrix, they will also display a list of high achievers that had help from their college. As Pre-Uni has a larger student body compared to the rest of these colleges, it is not as apparent...
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    Offering economics, physics and chem tutoring

    everything is fine mate :), yourself? and guys keep the requests for tutoring coming, just a few spots left!!
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    Share your 2009 ATAR here

    NSW ATAR: 99.75 UMAX estimate: 99.70 SAM estimate: 99.65
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    Share your 2009 HSC results here

    chem 97 eco 95 english advanced 94 3U maths 93 physics 93 4U maths 90 content and satisfied
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    Anyone got Usyd Combined Med Interview Offer?

    yeah awesome stuff guys!!!! :D
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    First Place in Course

    i think it was blaxland high, not sure
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    First Place in Course

    i think hurlstone got 2 equal firsts for senior science
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    First Place in Course

    yeah at least we got one first in the state!!!!
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    First Place in Course

    don't think ruse topped physics or bio. i think phys was topped by kambala?
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    Belonging - Related Texts!!!!

    forrest gump is a good choice for a movie. might want to also consider lost in translation as a portrayal of alienation
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    Texts, Advice please? :)

    maybe forrest gump?
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    Top School Predictions

    lol don't forget girra, the 'extremely' dark horse!
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    Conflicting Perspectives Speech

    throw in specific features such as rhetorical questions. not only will this engage the audience but will also increase marks as it shows the marker that you have 'embraced' the speech form.