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  1. Eduard_Khil

    3U/4U Past Papers

    The boys doing the HSC during WW1
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    Memorise essays?

    I thought the new syllabus and new whatevers are discouraging memorised essays? Can anyone confirm?
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    possibility to get a good atar with okay internal marks, low scaled subjects and bad cohort?

    Universities rely partly on international student funding, and due to COVID-19, they haven't received as many students as usual. You can probably expect some reduced ATARs or 'exemption' things being implemented, if it hasn't already. Good luck to your studies.
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    #welcome #general-chat

    I'm just a young gun bro
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    #welcome #general-chat

    What is standard
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    Year 11 Past Papers

  7. Eduard_Khil

    Year 11 Past Papers

  8. Eduard_Khil

    Food Tech or Visual Art

    Joining a course mid-way especially Term 3 is never a good thing, it's easier to improve, but that being said, Art (from my perspective) is something that is hard to improve at because ultimately there's always people that are born with a talent to make art pieces of exceedingly high quality. glhf
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    failed adv and ext math :(

    nice story man 👍
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    Past Papers (Maths Year 9)

    Thanks guys!
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    Past Papers (Maths Year 9)

    Bump, also looking for Year 9 Past Papers, especially on Quadratics and Surface Area & Volume!
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    what covers misadventure?

    I don't have any experience, but I know that it doesn't necessarily be so severe that you have to be hospitalised. I'm fairly sure you can go to the doctors and ask for a Medical Certificate and the school will be like OK. But when you ask, don't ask them to just write "sick". You need to write...
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    2020-HSC chat

    stay stronk
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    2020-HSC chat

    Bump, just want to see how everyone's doing now that we've been through half the year
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    Best English tutoring centre?

    I don't find anything wrong with this, they're using the popularity of this post to promote their tutoring services. The more attention this page gets, the more likely it's able to end up on Google Searches. And if it does, it will help this forum, their tutoring services, and the people looking...
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    Best English tutoring centre?

    Project Academy, Talent100