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    when do our school emails get deleted

    2022er here, i was able to access my gmail account up unti mid june, could be different depending on whatever the IT guy feels like deleting it. If you want, you could download all of your emails and google drive stuff into a Google takeout, where its a file containing all of the data locally...
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    is 65 atar still possible with this ranking?

    Ok look i know a guy who got a very low atar of 42.7, that went to my school which is ranked 65 in nsw. If you think you can achieve at least band 3 in all of your subjects + maybe a band 4 in one subject, then ill be very confident youll reach your atar goal, even with your internal ranking...
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    Post Trials Grind

    ideally youd want to be doing a mix of both, but slowly being more biased to hsc papers as the hsc looms around. for eco, since not much has changed, you should be doing every paper from 2001 onwards, and preferably printed out
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    Which tutoring centre or private tutoring?

    yup i was one mark off sr for ipt, and i barely even paid attention in class
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    Which subject should I take for my last two units?

    i wasnt passionate in it
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    Last 2 units

    Wow i am old, did not realise SDD was changed into software engineering. It would be interesting to see how that goes. Otherwise, if i were you id pick a maths based subject, as it would be some represnted in the first year courses in uni, if you still plan on doing software engineering by that...
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    Engineering Studies Notes

    no amount of notes and past paper can prep you for drawing an apple watch
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    Progress Logbook (NO OFF TOPIC PLS)

    It was 21 kilograms, my groups bridge held 15. Last years best group only had 9
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    Progress Logbook (NO OFF TOPIC PLS)

    Nah nah, from what I’ve heard that my groups bridge was the closest one to beat the record in years. And the record was set almost ten years ago
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    Progress Logbook (NO OFF TOPIC PLS)

    For my cohort, there were originally 4 in year 11. One dropped out at the end of term 1, one dropped out at the end of the year. And the last one gave up a term before the hsc
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    Progress Logbook (NO OFF TOPIC PLS)

    no way you might actually tie for the amount of women in my 2022 egs cohort
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    Progress Logbook (NO OFF TOPIC PLS)

    idk it is in a weird spot, especially when heritage languages have stricter requirements than continuers courses. but looking at the mandarin ones, im guesstimating that it is sligthly more difficult but im not too sure
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    why hello there

    why hello there
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    Progress Logbook (NO OFF TOPIC PLS)

    you should, especially if they offer a heritage/background speakers course like they did for Mandarin chinese. i would have done it if i knew it had existed before year 11 started.
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    2023 HSC chat

    what is this, i give out advice and tips for free
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    Progress Logbook (NO OFF TOPIC PLS)

    idk how people in my uni, and even people in my faculty are able to do everything digitally. i already feel like a boomer being one of the few who still uses pen and paper
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    Craziest Academic Comeback or not

    You could also be like me. I used to sucked quite hard at maths, even as a east asian. I was in 5.2 maths in years 9 and 10, tried to get into 5.3 but failed pretty bad on the test to get me there. and it was so bad, that i had to speak to the head teacher to let me into adv maths for year 11...
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    Atar estimate/need advices for trial

    Actually what the hell why is your cohort size and school ranking really similar to my old hs
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    Atar estimate/need advices for trial

    Was quite surprised how similar the marks that i got during that period of assessments. You should be on track to getting an atar like mine or beating mine if you grind enough past papers
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    can an individual get into engineering w only 2u math

    as a 2u student myself, it is definitely doable even at unsw. since they teach quite alot of the concepts from scratch, you just have to pull your socks up and keep up with the pace and the new concepts. doing 3u/4u would only slightly lessen your load and would give you a lesser shock once you...