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  1. ella.maaee

    Case Study - Rachel Cassar

    Answering questions surrounding Cassar's design style and philosophy.
  2. ella.maaee

    Volcano's Case Study

    Answering the Question "Do we have the capacity to ‘disaster-proof’ the planet?"
  3. ella.maaee

    HSC Key Course Topics

    Design: Historical Design Developments (Jeans & Swimwear), Culture (Hmong People), Contemporary Designer (Rachel Cassar) Properties and Performance of Textiles: Innovations - Yarn (Bicomponent Yarn), Fibre (Bamboo), Fabric (Washable Web) Australian Textiles, Clothing, Footwear and Allied...
  4. ella.maaee

    Curious Incident Assignment

    Curious Incident Essay - 17/20 (85%) answering the question "Haddon’s narrative point of view invites us into different worlds. Explore the ways ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time’ allows us to appreciate alternative perspectives as a result of this choice."
  5. ella.maaee

    Sustainable Waste Management Depth Study

    4000-word depth study evaluating the sustainability of landfill as a form of solid waste management this is part A part B being a waste audit assessment which was done at my school. In total my grade was a 65/70 (93%)
  6. ella.maaee

    COW Creative Piece and Reflection

    The Craft of Writing creative piece and reflection with a grade of 22.5/25 (90%)
  7. ella.maaee

    Billy Elliot Character Breakdown and Film Metalanguage/Cinematic Techniques and Essay Plans

    Brief summary of the rubric, character breakdown, film metalanguage/cinematic techniques and essay plans which I used in my preparation for the HSC.
  8. ella.maaee

    Curious Incident of The Dog in the Night-time TEPA Table and Essay Plan

    Brief summary of the rubric, TEPA (Technique, Example, Purpose, Analysis) table on the novel and essay plans which I used in my preparation for the HSC.
  9. ella.maaee

    Allie Cobby Eckermann Poem Breakdown and Essay Plans

    TEPA (Technique, Example, Purpose, Analysis) Tables on all 6 poems (Trance, Eyes, Unearth, Leaves, Oombulgarri, Key) and essay plans which I used as preparation for my HSC exam.
  10. ella.maaee

    Textiles and Design Prelim Notes