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  1. Ryuu-jin-jakka

    going engeeering now.. hos law i hear it was fun until exam which are comign up ^_^

    going engeeering now.. hos law i hear it was fun until exam which are comign up ^_^
  2. Ryuu-jin-jakka

    Most annoying book of all time

    Death to!! Fay Weldon ><""""""""""""""""""""" in 'Letters to Alice on First Reading Jane Austen'
  3. Ryuu-jin-jakka

    Disadvantaged school

    lol hscishard ahaha anyway don't let school ranking affect on ur study i find out that those stuff and scaling wise only just come between friends and peers, jiust do the best you can and also stay 'postive' and u'll do well and also be proud of what you've done instead of finding out these...
  4. Ryuu-jin-jakka

    Software Engineering vs. IT

    Software Engineering is a better path :) it open up a much more board field than I.T. plus if u work for the right cmopany u can travel around with the expensence paid for you ^_^ (i only heard tho, still studying since it my 1st year, but it awsome ^_^)
  5. Ryuu-jin-jakka

    T1 and T2

    decent explanataion :) thx homijoe just curious as well... has there been any question in trial or past hsc on T1 and T2, beacuse i can't really find any as well, so that i can just practice to get the juist of it and all
  6. Ryuu-jin-jakka

    T1 and T2

  7. Ryuu-jin-jakka

    T1 and T2

  8. Ryuu-jin-jakka

    T1 and T2

    Okey its the only concept in medical physics i'm not confident with... can someone plz explain this to me.... thx you!
  9. Ryuu-jin-jakka

    Farting in an Exam

    ahaha... some guy snezzies like freken loud today in english exam, that everyone literally just all stop writing and look up on from their paper, it was a pretty cool scene, so synchoronize... ^.^
  10. Ryuu-jin-jakka

    How many Up and Go drinks do you have a week?

    Anyone recommend to drink this then, like 10-20min before the HSC exam??? Going to have a small breaky tho like 2hr before it :S (k like 2 spoon of rice)
  11. Ryuu-jin-jakka

    Food and drinks allowed in HSC exams???

    Can I ask about what kind of food and drinks before HSC exam, if this is the right thread to ask in... If so, any suggestion...
  12. Ryuu-jin-jakka

    Left 4 Dead 2: Banned in Australia.

    Just thought about it, but since this game seem to be going to such an extent, future pc gaming are now heading to this direction also YEAH!!! (in a way) but hope they don't ban everything :(
  13. Ryuu-jin-jakka

    Conflicting Perspectives Question

    well you should learn 3 at least, max. hsc ever ask so far is 3 so yeah
  14. Ryuu-jin-jakka

    Related text: World of Warcraft?

    Yes there is a book on WARCRAFT!!! but the storyline goes before warcraft3, about how Illidan became bind and the reason why he was banished underground for a long time, also I think it talk about the orginals of the pohets as u probably remember as the crow in the game Warcraft 3, lol, don't...
  15. Ryuu-jin-jakka

    motivating success quotes

    The world start to backs-off, when you make it back off
  16. Ryuu-jin-jakka

    Should you memorise a generic essay or write your essay on the spot in exams?

    That seems like alot more effort... but i like it ^.^
  17. Ryuu-jin-jakka

    Module A Questions

    Can anyone post any question that relate to module A; Exploring Connection want to practice more essay that why... thx
  18. Ryuu-jin-jakka

    Why should I pick this topic?

    ahaha gl with Quanta to Quarks but majority of my friends who do it are really struggling... while if u do like MEDICAL PHYSICS (like me ^>^) which i believe out of all the topic in the physics course, medical physics is like the easiest giving me more time to spend on the core topic...
  19. Ryuu-jin-jakka

    1 question on particle model

    I had this in my trial ^.^ Blue light has a shorter wavelength and higher frequencies electromagnetic wave then red lights, which travel at the same speed. A photon of blue light has a greater engery, given by E =fn (u no what i mean) then a photon of red light The reason for these colour...
  20. Ryuu-jin-jakka

    HSC 2007 Question 27 (c)

    pretty much wat kaz1 said Low concentration = improves the taste of water High concentration = unsatisfactory salty taste plz give me a good rep... want to at least have a green again :)