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  1. heirware

    Which textbook is best?

    Chemistry The Central Science is pretty good
  2. heirware

    Attention all Year 10ers

    Definitely. There is no point in studying for the cert. Assuming you have at least some competency in the subject (particularly skills, or light knowledge), and some semblance of a brain, it should be a breeze.
  3. heirware

    citation problems

    No, but I'm using firefox so it may be different for different browsers.
  4. heirware

    citation problems

    A trick you can do is to right click a page and click "Page Info" which should have last modified date there. Sometimes doesn't work because it's like a professional site which updates pages on a daily basis for ads or whatever. If you can't find specific info, then just omit it in your reference.
  5. heirware

    String Theory

    Seconding this. And Brian Greene's other book: The Fabric of the Cosmos. And also 'The Quantum World' by Kenneth Ford.
  6. heirware

    Is it possible for somebody with a really low IQ like 110, to achieve a 99+ atar?

    I too was going to point out that IQ is based on a bell curve and 100 is meant to be average. But at any rate, what inane questions. Seriously 'How likely would it be?', would you like a percentage that we have carefully obtained from controlled studies? What kind of reasonable answer would you...
  7. heirware

    Good/Bad things about your school

    There's morning Run Fit at Baulko
  8. heirware

    Old syllabuses (syllabi?)

    Sounds like a fascinating course. Wish distinction courses had been fleshed out in it's entirety, with all 11(?) courses being run.
  9. heirware

    Question about the moon

    I agree, talk about bad science
  10. heirware

    why does e=mc^2?

    If you want the basic answer, basically: energy = mass times speed of light squared. The c^2 bit of it refers to a universal constant, invariant speed of light, and thus sets the proportionality of energy mass equivalence. Speed of light is very high, so a little mass corresponds to a large...
  11. heirware

    Critique my answer

    I thought the force carriers were specifically called Gauge Bosons, Bosons being a catchall term for particles with integer spins similar to Fermions with half integer spins (encompassing both quarks and leptons).
  12. heirware

    Distinction Courses~??

    Yeah they've removed Cosmology from 2010 distinction course lineup.. Garh. Which means they probably won't run for my (2011) year =(. Residentials sure sounded fun
  13. heirware


    People cared / studied / stressed for the test? Seriously?
  14. heirware

    General Thoughts: Science

    A smallest unit of an element is an atom of that element (an element being defined by it's number of protons). An electron is the smallest unit present in the actual atom, but when you go down there to the subatomic level, you're no longer talking about elements.
  15. heirware

    General Thoughts: Science

    Yeah it's atoms. If it said what is the smallest component of an atom, it would be electron And yeah, gene
  16. heirware

    what did you write about in the extended english response

    Chalk another one up for Monopoly and Dice. Mine was from the point of view of one of the pieces, contemplating the endless reiterations of the game
  17. heirware

    General Thoughts: Science

    I wanted to write 'the big bang theory', but ultimately just put the big bang.. I'm sure it'll all be marked the same
  18. heirware

    General Thoughts: Science

    Most boring 1hr and 20 minutes ever (after all the writing). What theory did you guys do btw? I was going to do some hardcore **** like quantum chromodynamics but then I just couldn't be bothered