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    The Haber process: how much detail?

    I'm pretty sure that you need to know why the Haber process was first implimented, during war at times when the transport of nitrigen over disrupted seas was unfavourable. Check out success one chem, one of the long answer questions covers that dot point very well
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    P Type Semiconductors.

    The previous dude was right, P type and N type semiconductors have NO CHARGE!!!!! the positive and negative terms apply to the means by which the conduct electric current. The p type doped semiconductor conducts through creation of positive holes, where as the N typed conducs through a sea of...
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    free beer

    Ok guys, I'm gona try to expain the slingshot effect in plain english without the extra maths crap (sorry maths nerds) anyway, ok so consider a space shuttle that moving towards jupiter. now you've all learnt that every object has its own gravitational field surrounding it right? ok so, when...
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    The Standard Model

    for the manhattan project it may be a 7 marker at most, but remember to keep it to the bare minimals. break it up into subsections (this is what i did for last years hsc) ok, so you need to know a BIT of background, such as where the bombs were dropped and why (keep this short as its only an...
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    How did everyone go?

    I agree, the catholic trial was harder i thought, lol i got 79% i think too! Yeah so this one should score better... hopefully! Oh if only chem and physics were as easy =( can't wait till the end of next week!!!
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    Anyone doing combined biotechnology/engineering course or biomedical engineering???

    Hey I was wondering if anyone could tell me something about what any of these two courses are like... I'm really confused as to what I want to do and NEED help deciding. Any information would be greatly appreciated!!!
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    Research Project Help

    "Albert Einstein and Max Planck both contributed to the explaination of the photoelectric effect". It is observed that when a metal is exposed to light, the photoeletrons are only emitted when the frequency of the light is above a certain threshold frequency. Einstein explained this by...
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    Do you people have to do this for your assesments?

    We only have 4 assessment tasks, for the first one we have to make a projectile launcher and test it (kinda boring), then we had our half yearly, a research task and .... our trial :-( I spose it's ok having to make something as long as you can understand what it is you're actually trying to...
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    radio waves prac and levitation prac

    We havn't done the levitation prac yet (we're waiting till we visit syd uni) But we did the radio waves one. It's really simple, is this the one you're talking about... * Perform an investigation to demonstrate the production and reception of radio waves ? Aim:- To demonstrate the production...
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    back EMF

    hey guys, i know this thread is like heaps old but i've got a really good dot point summary of what back emf is. If you don't need it anymore, just ignore this... Ok, so for the dot point, * Explain that, in electric motors, back emf opposes the supply emf An electric motor has an...
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    2005 HSC Exam Timetable - what do u think?

    I'm really happy. I have a 2-3 day period in between most exams and I have physics last which is really good. How nice will it fell having not only the HSC, but physics too!!! It must suck for some of you guys who have 2 exams in the one day, I feel really sorry for you all. But the way I see it...
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    i dont like motors and generators

    I agree, Motors to Generators is soooo boring!!! I thought I was the only one who hated it!!! I loved Space sooo much!!! Now I'm thinking why the hell did I even pick it cause apparently lots of this stuff is in from Ideas to Implementation, which is supposed to be the hardest unit : ( I just...
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    projectile launcher assignment

    Hey guys! I know projectile motion was right back at the start of the Space unit but I have an assignment due this term to determine what effect the launch angle has on the range of flight. I have the assignment part sorted out but our teacher marks the conclusion and analysis part really hard...
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    yet another question about enzymes

    thanx so so much for your help guys. You have helped me so much, I had no idea!!! I came into this biology course 6 or 7 weeks in so i'm glad for any help I can get to catch up!!!
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    past paper responses

    I'm pretty sure that they stopped distributing the answers to HSC papers from 2002 onwards on the internet. However in Success 1, Chemistry it has the 2001, 2002 and 2003 past papers all with worked out answers. The anwers are really thorough and my friends that have just done their HSC said...
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    yet another question about enzymes

    Wow!!! Thanx so much your a legend! Just one other question though, you have to mix the junket tablets (containing rennin) with water right? So do you use boiling water to make up the junket for each temperature??? Thanx again!
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    Which do you find harder, physics or chemistry?

    Hey! Just out of interest, I was wondering which topic everybody finds harder, physics or chemistry? (That is, if you do both) I reakon physics is alot easier to understand in comparison than chemistry. What do you reakon?
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    Newton's law

    For this dot point it's helpful if your aiming for band 6 to be able to derive the formula for the orbital velocity of a satellite where; ∑F = Fw = Fc Fw = Gm(object)m(planet) ÷ r squared Fc = m(object)xvelocity squared ÷ r The mass of the...
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    dot point

    -Ep will always be negative -The biggest Ep will ever be is zero -To lift an object against a gravitational field, a force must be applied to the object which is equal to or greater than the weight force of the object -The work done by this applied force is equal to the force applied...
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    yet another question about enzymes

    Thanx heaps!!! That helps alot. Did you happen to write down the method that you used?