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    Students Online not working

    There were some glitches where some people got to see other people's ranks, so they are probably 'trying' to fix it... I guess.
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    Physics Exam Thoughts

    lol I hope not
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    Physics Exam Thoughts

    would the b6 cut off be around 85?
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    Physics Exam Thoughts

    but doesn't the cloud chamber rely on the degree of ionisation, and so alpha would have the longest path since highest ionisation as opposed to beta?
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    Anyone have copy of the exam?

    probably to self-mark the questions .. anyone have the paper?
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    Physics Exam Thoughts

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    Physics Exam Thoughts

    If I remember correctly, X was the first, short one and Y was the second, longer one, but anyway maybe it was gamma... but both tracks were straight like a standard alpha path
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    Physics Exam Thoughts

    I found the mcq very hard- probably list 4+ marks lol. For Q2Q, what was source X and Y?? I was gonna put alpha radiation for both but it specifically states that they are different types of radiation, so I put: X as beta - shorter half life and Y as alpha - longer half life I have no idea if...
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    Flux Density

    yup, that's exactly right!
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    casio: stored numbers keep changing!?

    My casio fx-82AU Plus calculator's stored numbers keep changing somehow and I don't know why... Letters A-D are all fine but when I store numbers into X,Y,M and come back a bit later, the numbers change! How can I fix this/ what am I doing wrong?
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    English Advanced Paper 2 [Discussion/Thoughts]

    I'm sorta angry cuz apparently they based the questions off the new syllabus :/
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    HSC Standard/Advanced Paper 1 Exam Thoughts

    What's the max possible mark for a creative that didn't really answer the stimulus?? 'write a about 2 different perspectives on discovery and include the quote.' I had included the quote in the writing but just implied the different perspective part since I ran out of time to really delve into...
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    Table borders?

    If I list points in a column for a comparison question in the HSC, is it necessary to outline a border around it to make it a formal table? I've heard that some schools dock marks for not doing this.. just wondering if it's the same for the HSC.
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    Engineering for a shy guy?

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    Engineering for a shy guy?

    I'm a mildly shy person and I'm very interested in engineering but I've heard that it requires GOOD communication skills which I don't really have. I'm able to talk to people but I get a bit flustered at times... would I die if I pursue a career in engineering?
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    Power packs

    alright, thanks!
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    Power packs

    I came across this question: Is there any significance in the colours of a DC/AC terminal on a power pack? (ie 2 colours differentiating positive and negative terminals for DC whereas the AC terminals only have a single colour for both)
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    neutrons included in Rutherford+Bohr model?

    Just to clarify, neutrons aren't included in Rutherford's model of the atom since he suggested the existence of the neutron after he released his model and they weren't discovered until later? Also, are neutrons included in Bohr's model?
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    co-60 agriculture or industry

    Would cobalt-60 be classified as an industrial or agricultural radioisotope when used in food irradiation?