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    Things that annoy you.

    TRYING to Pick up discs off the floor.
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    Films with inner journeys

    Prelim 2010 for me as well ;) Advanced English General Mathematics Modern History Visual Arts Studies of Religion II Business Studies
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    anyone have any notes/ideas about Chocolat relating to journeys ?

    The town in general has inner journey because they disapprove of Johnny Depp's posse arrival into the pier. The town also has inner journey because they are afraid of the social outcasts, they are prejudice of people who have skill and can craft amazing delicacies. And then one of them decides...
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    Films with inner journeys

    MORE FILMS The Last Samurai Free Willy King Kong One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Girl, Interrupted Crash (2004) Problem Child Toy Story Shrek Stick It Moon A Serious Man The Proposal A Walk to Remember The Notebook remember guys... it's the characters... not the films
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    Yr 11 Advanced English - Inner journeys

    SPIRITED AWAY Chihiro (or Sen) embarks on a physical and mental journey in order to save her parents. Along the exploration, she learns lessons such as Self-Indulgence, Patience and Understanding. Chihiro learns to accept that there is more than meets the eye. The boy she meets, she discovers...
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    Films with inner journeys

    Alright this is a random list but it's accurate. For those who need a related text. The Blind Side Life is Beautiful Six Degrees of Separation Gran Torino Up Avatar Pocahontas Dances with Wolves Clueless Mean Girls Erin Brockovich The Shawshank Redemption Midnight Cowboy Schindler's List...
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    The Oscars 2010

    Alright Guys let's discuss what you loved and hated about the Academy Awards. WHAT I HATED 1. THE HURT LOCKER winning best Original Screenplay over the intelligent, superior INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS script. 2. PRECIOUS winning best Adapted Screenplay over DISTRICT 9. 3. AVATAR not winning the BEST...