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    Early Entry

    i gots a rejection too my dears. ahh well. wasn't meant to be i guess. :-(
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    Drama exam today... thoughts?

    begin panic: now... i've been worrying about early entry for the past week, so its really detracted from my study time grrr...
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    Early Entry

    aww hun, thats too bad. so they do have the decency to let you know, which is good. I'm sure you'll get in on ATAR anyway. :-) edit: 1600!!!! holy shmoly. i don't envy the people doing the selecting. :-O
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    Early Entry

    geez, i hate the not knowing, you know? i'd like to know one way or another, cuz not knowing is killing me. eep.. :-O
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    Early Entry

    thats what i was hoping, that maybe the other person on the forum that go their letter were defferred. or maybe they lived in Bathurst? I really hope i get in. Good luck LauraHLH!!
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    Early Entry

    sigh. my boyf deferred and he got his letter of acceptance today (he did his HSC last year) he lives in the same place as I do, so things aren't looking good hey. but, best to keep positive, right? hoping its just biding its time at the post office or something.
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    Early Entry

    Well, if I was unsuccessful, the least they could do is let me know. So I suppose they will. Fingers crossed I get in though. Hopefully you're right, and they just gimped up the mail sending. Maybe the pigeon got lost? :rolleyes:
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    Is the School for excel;lence overrated?

    Thats my Physics teacher.. :D edit: That WAS my physics teacher. I don't do school now. sad, really.
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    Early Entry

    nothing... the damn mailman came, stole some fruit from our fruit bushes, and delivered two letters. both of them for the parentals. im a failure..
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    Early Entry

    my damn mailman is so slow. c'mon early entry.. !
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    Textual dynamics stimulus WTF?

    It was a difficult stimulus to work with, obviously designed to filter out those who had prepared stories (me) but thankfully, mine fitted quite well. it didnt make much sense, i couldnt really decipher meaning.. i guess thats why it was textually dynamic... :-O
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    Early Entry

    i didnt get anything. i went to my mailbox, hoping, you know, and i never get mail anyway, but nothing. devastation all round. :(
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    Newest statistics

    yeah, its pretty good. and relevant too. provides good info without having to filter the bull shit out.
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    Newest statistics

    Leading Edge Education Statistics they seem to be up to date...
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    2007 HSC Question 24 (c)

    I would have said that they could impose a tax on industries that produce alot of pollution in an effort to prevent them from using production methods that were detrimental to the environment, which would therefore reduce the production of the bad bad naughty dirty industries. or something to...
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    Economics game

    1) Strong economic growth 2) Full employment 3) Price stability/ low inflation 4)External stability 5) Income equality 6) Environmental management. These can be grouped into 3 main groups: - Economic Growth - Internal stability - External Stability Identify the main sources of...
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    hey hey, i sent the notes to your email. physics wasnt as hard as i thought. it didnt murder me...

    hey hey, i sent the notes to your email. physics wasnt as hard as i thought. it didnt murder me completely, but ill wait until my results.. :-S
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    What will you do with your school stuff?

    yeah, a mate is having his bday party on the sunday after they finish, and he lives on property so we are having a bonfire. Lets all get roaring, screaming drunk, shall we?
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    heyy, uhm, i can send you those notes tomorrow after my physics exam, if thats okay?? nothing...

    heyy, uhm, i can send you those notes tomorrow after my physics exam, if thats okay?? nothing like a last minute cram.. haha. eeep.
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    Hey all physics students < look here>

    yeah, the book says they are right... you can have faith in your physics teacher!