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  1. Alistruggles

    Brainstorming 'Why do we create Literary Worlds?' and a fun lil imaginative

    This brainstorming ended up helping a lot with the 2021 HSC question :) I ended up with 46/50 overall but this was just fun and silly practice ESPECIALLY THE IMAGINATIVE, please do not take the imaginative as anything good. My teacher didn't mark it so I cannot comment on the quality 😅
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    The Crucible Basic Essay (17/20)

    Memorised this for trials (17/20) and HSC (17/20, I paid for raw marks)
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    TS Elliot Basic Essay Mod B (19.5/20 in HSC)

    This is what I memorised for the 2021 HSC; it was originally prepared with the 2020 HSC question somewhat in mind (hence the thesis statement being related to it). Received 17/20 in Trials, 19.5 in Mod B in the HSC (I paid for raw marks haha) Have fun with Mod B and try not to drown in the...
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    Tempest & Hag-Seed Basic Essay (16.5/20 in HSC)

    Memorised this for both HSC (90) and trials. Uses paired paragraph structure, received 18/20 for the trials question (cssa), 16.5/20 for HSC (I paid for raw marks)
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    (22/25 in HSC) Literary Mindscapes essay skeleton (Hamlet & Emily Dickinson's Poems + 1 related)

    46/50 overall in HSC, I memorised this for my essay. Paid for raw marks and did better than usual with the HSC question but I usually get around 80% for my essay mark in Extension so I am far from the cream of the crop, but hoping this may be useful to anyone regardless :) Best of luck for those...
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    Maths Ext 2 Predictions/Thoughts

    i'm not the person u quoted and idk if this would be accepted but i noted that they want u to prove for every odd number and an odd number can be represented by 2n - 1 so....subbing 2n - 1 into the Triangle equation actually gets u the hexagonal equation, therefore hexagonal number??? seems way...
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    Maths Ext 2 Predictions/Thoughts

    i'm honestly super happy! i genuinely thought i was going to be at risk of getting under 30 raw because of how little i've studied due to low mental energy + moreso feeling really sick on saturday and sunday which is literally THE worst case scenario as a last minute crammer. for perspective, i...
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    Maths Ext 2 Predictions/Thoughts

    i'm here just hoping i can get at least 30 raw so i can still get into my course ?? :D (yes that's 30/100 btw)
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    Maths Help Roots of Complex Numbers

    neat thanks a bunch!
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    Maths Help Roots of Complex Numbers

    how do you do 10c?
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    Anti flash cards here's the file (not too sure if you just download it and it'll auto open in anki or something else)
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    Anti flash cards

    Anki is great! I have a World of Words deck I add to whenever I come across a word I don't know and it's helped a lot with my vocabulary (which is still underwhelming make no mistake -_-)
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    We graduate in 4 days, how do you feel?

    my school has to go back in term 4 and i have great teachers so I'm not tooo pressed but also. What. Year 12 never ends 😭
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    Thoughts on ATAR Release date?

    I’m just wondering if university timetabling will stay the same. Will we be late to pick compared to people not in HS for picking our timetables ? :( At least most course entrants are hsc graduates anyway
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    i'm a bit stressed because i gave myself a single day to do past papers for ext2 maths BUT it's even worse than it sounds because i've realised my knowledge of the course isn't good enough to do past papers yet lol so i'm still going through revision and idk when i'll start on the practice exams...
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    Happy pre trials holidays :D What are you all planning to do?

    try to take note of when you might be feeling sick of it and be sure to take some breaks! it might be remotely doable for some people but studying that many hours a day is really taxing. You can probably improve efficiency in some areas and study less for your sanity I did 3u maths last year...
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    The Prince / Julius Caesar / House of Cards Analysis?

    I have tried to listen to music - piano music, lo fi, my usual playlist and whilst lo fi/piano definitely seem LESS distracting than music with heavier beats/words, listening to music whilst studying just isn't for me. I dance and sing as hobbies and if I hear music I'll just feel like...
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    Happy pre trials holidays :D What are you all planning to do?

    Might not be holidays yet for a couple schools but pretty close to it aha, I'm still making a plan for this holidays and I'll edit this post once I'm done as a sort of accountability thing Okay so I have 20 more days until I go back to school and am planning to have 8 totally free days, 12 at...
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    I need help wording sentences

    You're welcome! Just over a quick reread though I should note a few things: You might want to note in addition to my second example that the reasons for which texts are valued may differ between individuals because they have have their own personal circumstances that influence their perception...