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    Dropping compulsory math for HSC

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    why not let me accept offer

    it is working now
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    How can I get into UNSW compsci?

    do you know how to accept the offer, or do we have to wait a bit... i got the offer and i tried putting in my uac number and shit and it says " The information you entered does not match our records. Please review your responses and resubmit the form. "
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    could i still get a 90+ atar?

    absolutely you can still get a 90+. hell you can most likely get a 97+ if you truly perform well in all assignments there is still a massive buffer you have i received a 0 for an assignment and did pretty poorly in some assignments and got a 90+ atar. there's lots of room, but don't leave it...
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    resources for every subject free maybe not every subject but most subjects. some subject resources better than others of course
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    Heil Hitler

    i feel like this thread would provide a great solution to the recent thread i posted...
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    Solving Proofs similar to AM-GM inequality

    muahahahah, thank the fucking lord i'm done with this bullshit on a side note tho, scaling on ext 2 was insane. keep at all costs
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    2023 ATAR/HSC Marks

    91.30, i'll happily take
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    2023 ATAR/HSC Marks

    the scaling on extension 2 math is ridiculous. out of all subjects, i thought ext 2 was my worst but it somehow was my best. i went out knowing for a fact i didn't pass. i left questions 15 and 16 unanswered. i have managed to pull an 86 examination mark
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    is there some forgiveness with atar entry requirements?

    if the entry requirement is like 85, is there any sort of buffer where they still let you in, or is there no forgiveness
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    if my hsc marks are much better than my internal marks do the internal marks get lifted?

    can internal marks be adjusted after the hsc results come through? or once they are done it's set in stone
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    IPT Thoughts

    ah shit im' retarded i got that one wrong
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    IPT Thoughts

    Pretty chill exam One of the mc questions about the ethernet protocol was confused Ethernet uses light but is the optic fibre considered a wire? I did b for that assuming is but not sure I had like 6 b's in a row
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    IPT Thoughts

    ni hao ipt gang, i have exam tmrw, what is the meaning of data as opposed to information?! how do i convert binary to number. do i need know this? what is decision support system, need to know this for option topic, i do not know. we have to do chat gpt? hmmmmmm
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    Mathematics Extension 1 Predictions/Thoughts

    what in the fuck was that, when was extension 3 announced
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    Mathematics Extension 1 Predictions/Thoughts

    guys, for binomial probability stuff (i know nothing about it) when do i use p for the mean and when do i use np, help HELOPHALOEHUAOELUHOA
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    Are there any 4U topics that would be worth learning that could be helpful for 3U math?

    a fair amount of 4U topics will help solidify 3u concepts.. 4u integration makes 3u integration a breeze, same applies with shit like vectors, some proofs (induction), projectile motion stuff etc overall, most people doing 4u as expected, find related 3u concepts much easier edit: if you're...
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    that shit was easy, a few fucky wucky things though... that user interface algorithm question where there were 4 menus.. i'm not actually sure what we were meant to code, i just wrote a big else if statement giving the ButtonClick variable a value.. then at the end i just made up a function...