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    The Transistors In Australia question

    I referred to the CSIRO's development of the FFT chip and how they used it to basically invent WiFi; vastly improving communication in Australia and all around the world.
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    Standard Model

    How much do you think we need to know about the Standard Model? It's a single dot point in the syllabus, but is a HUGE HUGE topic. To what detail should I be studying this stuff?
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    What do you think you'll get..

    Best case scenario 113/120, but I bet there will be stupid mistakes. Hmm
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    Hopeless at creative writing

    Ahaha wow! I wish i could write a story that amazing. Mine's only about melons.
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    Joss Whedon's 'Firefly': "Objects in Space" - Related text for Belonging?

    If I was marking it i'd give it full marks just for your awesome choice of text! I'm sure you could find plenty of examples of River and Simon being alienated. I would also consider the episode Ariel where they are sold out by Jayne but by the end he realises their place in the crew given...
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    Banked Curve Mechanics in the sky

    Okay so the wings are the 'track', and the normal force that would normally be newtons 3rd law from the ground, in this case is the lift from the wings. There are some assumptions, but given them I suppose that it makes sense. Thanks. I had no problems with the maths side of things here, I...
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    Need a calculator for 4U!

    The fx-82ES is significantly better than the fx-82AU. But alas, it isn't allowed.
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    Banked Curve Mechanics in the sky

    Question: (Cambridge Ex7.6 Q4) "At what angle should an aircraft be banked when flying at the speed of 100m/s in a horizontal circle of radius 4km" Isn't the whole basis of banked curve mechanics that there is actually a physical curve (rail, track, anything...) to provide a reaction force to...
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    ATAR Estimate? PLEASSSE

    How much impact does your school rank have on your ATAR? Having top ranks in my subjects, is my schools rank going to somehow have a negative impact? This is the first time I have really seen everyone listing their school rank....
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    UTS Co-op Scholarship 2010

    If you read the Information Booklet, you would have seen it said "Suit Preferable". I wore a suit, as I was advised. It felt a little awkward, but I figured it was important to make a good impression. Yea anyway, it was fun. The interview I fell went well, and was a good experience anyhow...
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    UTS Co-op Scholarship 2010

    Yea I got one around midday. Should be good. I was hoping someone who went on friday posted here with all the details! :P
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    Easy question about Actuarial Coop

    The UNSW website is a little light on details. If you do a coop degree in, say, Actuarial Studies, what else do you do? * Do you get to pick a 2nd major? (ideal for me) * Or do you do a minor? * Do you get to complete general education courses and free options? What I'm trying to...
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    Whats so good about med?

    Maybe its just my POV, but wouldn't you agree Finance is a more lucrative industry? Sure, there is quite a lot of hate floating about right now, but personally I see a lot more appeal in that than medicine. (If were talking about which job will make you the most powerful)
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    Cadetship vs BCom/BEng

    Okay here is my situation: I am going to apply for all the cadetships/coop degrees I can, and I would like to hope I got a chance at getting one of them. My problem is, I am confused if I actually want one. I want to end up spending the rest of my life in finance, that's for sure, but I also...
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    Catholic Church and HIV/AIDS in Africa.

    Breaking news: telling kids not to fuck is not enough to stop them from fucking!
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    Peter Skrzynecki

    Ahah yes, I was there. What did he say again, "Two Wongs Don't Make a White"? But thinking about it, is he the fool, or are we the fools pulling shit out of what is just supposed to be a simple poem? He is frustrated.
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    have we got it better?

    What do people think. Do you want to do Belonging, or would rather be doing Journeys?