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    Advanced accurate is it?

    Yeah its pretty accurate overall I heard
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    Everyone Must Readthis Lool!! - I Will Survive (hsc Remix)

    To be honests, I was thikning about that while I was studying for my HSC because my big brother had another ruder version and I was in year 10, Now I am doing the HSC and now I came across it again... I dont like the F words in there by the way... watch your language (as some teachers say ^^...
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    What advice can year 12 pass on to year 11?

    use the KISS rule [dun ruin it guys n gals]
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    How did everyone go? (Discussion)

    my ahrdests exam ever out of my whole high school years well.. thats because i BLUDGED ALOT lol but.. i can tell its hard overall.l. everyone sayin its quite ahrd but pass for sure =) YAY
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    Text books

    talkin to myself here.. oh wells.. lol such a loser haha neways err.. for y = e^1-x the coeff of x is -1.. which means that the GRADIENT in this exponential curve is - i.e. and leaning towrds the LEFT of the axees or number plane... soo.. yar.. and the y-intercep is when x=0...
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    Wilfred Owen Poetry

    hmm.. anyways.. looks like no one has been eager to go into this thread b4 our hsc.. oh wells.. mths is comin soooo.. lol heres a tip ummm...: lol whenever y=e^x is used... as x increases the basic curve is gaining more concavity or the gradient is getting rapidly and more tapidly...
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    Online Graph Drawer

    erm yeh.. for the graph y= e^x passes through (0,1) e^x or y or f(x) is always >0 for all x (domains) is always concave up (NOTE this is also used in parabolas) x --> + inf. then y or e^x or f(x) --> + inf as well x --> - inf. then y or e^x or f(x) would approach to --> 0! (ASYMPTOTES...
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    Wilfred Owen - war poetry

    juss be yourself and do your best and write.. lol anyways.,.. maths on monday.. soo lol hmmm... the derivative offf a^x hmmmmssssss... is is erm well dy \ dx = a^x log (base e and ONLY BASE e) x (where x is the power and a is the index) therefore: f(x) = a^2 would be...
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    CSSA trials

    dont you dare.. lol anyways.. got 2unit so liek.. did you know? Log (base a) x ^n = n log (base a.. or whatever base) x ?? and ohh ohh this one too log (base a) x + log (base a) y = log (base a) x.y ?? kewl huh LOL cya
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    Physics Study thread - M&G

    ahh thnkx thats what i was looking for in my answer.. lol.. could nt explain it in more of simplisitic terms thnx
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    What advice can year 12 pass on to year 11?

    volumes of revolution about the y axis formula: V = PIE . times the (S... sum) of the integral from a --> b (X)^2 (this X...which is || to the y axis, which is why it is rotated about the Y axis!) units^3 (CUBED!! if there is no units staterddd... over stayterrd.. ohhh whyyy, doo you... lol...
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    2005 UTS INFO DAY - 27th August

    leon? mate i'm thinkin about... areas of integration.. know what i menn: area enclosed by the y-axis means that... S of the int of a--> b f(y) dy (in terms of y) is = [F(y)] a--> b = F(b) - F(a) units^2 (if no unitss) and where a and b is read off the y axis [take the absolute value if it is...
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    Physics Study thread - M&G

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    Physics Study thread - M&G

    its equation of the y' means that we can find the m at any point along a curve... hmmm soOOoO :) :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :cool: :cool: :cool: mmmmk? lalala a normal equation means.. that, it is the ORIGINAL curve
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    What would you like to see on BOS 2005?

    ahh ok... hmmm, new threads pilin up on the oldies, what do you mean? anyways.. heres a maths quiz dudes of 2 unitsssss... express 0.303030 using the sum of infinte formulue well.. all you do is form this equation you see 0.303030 = 0.30 + 0.0030 + 0.000030 + ...
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    Maths Competition

    how about.. b^2-4ac is delta the discriminant... sorry just BORED lol oh ohhh and ermm... if: * b^2-4ac > 0 then theres 2 roots or destinct roots * b^2-4ac = 0 theres only one root or equal loots.. lol loots * b^2-4ac < 0 then NO REAL ROOTS (unreal number =) * b^2-4ac < 0 and a>0 then...
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    What advice can year 12 pass on to year 11?

    therefore if a^2+b^2 is = a^2+b^2 - 2ab then : ROOT (a-b)^2 is = a^2-2ab+b^2 is then is also = a^2+b^2 - 2ab therefore = a^2+b^2 - 2ab - 2ab which therefore = a^2+b^2 - 4ab CHEERS =) mths is fun
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    What advice can year 12 pass on to year 11?

    mathematics sux? hmm.. never knew a^2+b^2 = (a+b)^2 - 2ab where a = alphaabd b =beta
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    What advice can year 12 pass on to year 11?

    Keyverbs =) hmm... i got an advice [btw.. welcome to the student advice line] that'll help both you and me for my HSC and for your own HSC *laughs evily* lol: OK here are the keyverbs that you have to know: Appreciate: Make a judgement about the value of something/ action/ event...
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    What would you like to see on BOS 2005?

    i'm wondering what would happen to all these words that was typed this year for our year 12 YEAR [2005] in this bored site... is it going to be all deleted for the new year next year? please tell me whats going to happen?