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    Peter Skrznecki’s What is Peter Skrznecki’s view on physical journeys? i have no idea how to write this only in a few sentences its for a speech due in a few day.. please help :)
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    Help, im pregnant and 15.

    If it was me i would tell the guy for sure but if you dont have contact with him dont worry about him. Unless you keep the baby he needs to know. i would have an abortion if i was u i know its a sad thing but in the end it will be for the best. If you can get somewhere to have an abortion by...
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    peter skryznecki-physical journeys-related texts

    depends what poems you are doing cause you have to link them. what poems are you doing??
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    Textile major project

    I need help asap.. i am having heaps of trouble deciding what i want to do for my textiles and design major. i have to make a speech and show designs in less then two weeks and i still dont know what to to.. does anyone have any sweet ideas.. i dont want to do a garment...I was thinking of doing...
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    Cafs IRP

    Thanx for all your help i have decided what i am going to do :) iv finished my project plan now got to get started on the real thing scary lol..thanx
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    Cafs IRP

    I need help with my cafs IRP i cant think of a topic please help me i was thinking maybe something to do with support networks but i dont know help me please...lana