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    Section 2 - Crime

    i had the same thing didnt think the rest of crime was too bad...but left it till last so a BIIIT hurried on the 12 marker, oh well got a few pages out....meh....wasnt sure about the sentencing thing.....couldnt remember whterh senecning processes included pretrial or only the ACTUAL...
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    How many pages did you write? [Merged]

    in th wild - 14 critical study (ondaatje) - 7 (ewwwwwwwwwwwww) powerplay - 14 but i take along time to sya anything so probably abour 7 for each if you subtract the waffle lol
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    Your thoughts on the exam

    hrmmmm have to beg to differ BTW dont be an ass you cant rip on ppl for being up themselves then tell them that they are all wrong and to suck shit....hrrmmm sounds a tad up urself :) and the second source was a food bar...? y would we they ask us to talk bout food if we were meant to...
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    i though they were both really good HEAPS to talk about with nefertiti political role, religious role, depictions of the family, the debate over co regency and who smenkhare was, temples at karnak good had a few issues remebering WHERE she was depicted but i dont reckon well lose to...
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    Pompeii and Herculaneum Food Question

    I found that to be the hardest question in the p and h section. PREPARED wtf sold easy prepared not so easy hrmmm. they cooked it......? oh welll i also thought that the second q as a bait strange .... two effects of the erruption on the people???? They got ash in their pores and then...
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    Module B: Critical Study of Texts

    Sorry to sound like a whinger BUT i REALLY feel that that critical study question favoured those who did any thing ohter than a big text (e.g. Wuthering Heights, In the skin of lion, cloudstreet, lear.) For things like speeches, and multimedia etc it specified that you discuss a CONCEPT ...
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    eeekkkk having trouble writing notes on all aspects of the module statement?

    herro am doing power play as my module c these are my texts ant and cleo animal farm and elizabeth - film having troubles working out "textual form influences meaning" in animal farm??? anybody help?? and how perspective influences meaning in a/c and elizabeth??? aaah we only finished...
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    HEEELPPPPP Past Papers???

    thanx any way :) what other units are you doing? i dont think anyone in the universe is doing the same options as me :( lol oh well
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    Say i dont get the UAI

    hey if you dont get straight into the course you want to do get into something similar at the uni you want to go to transferring within a uni would probably be easier than transferring between unis. Doing tertiary study puts your UAI higher, so if you get into another course do that for a...
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    HEEELPPPPP Past Papers???

    yes am doing pomp and herc. Not my fave but not too bad yes, ive been trying to download papers of the BOS website all day and it isnt working, and the BOS would take 10 years to decide what to have for luch so it isnt really much point asking them why the site isnt working. :( i need past...
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    HEEELPPPPP Past Papers???

    Trying to study...BUT.....Board of Studies website wont let me open any past papers? Can i open them with anything other than Adobe? Or does anyone have any ancient history papers they could send me? PLEEEEEAAAAASSSEEE ANY ONE OUT THERE?????:mad1: :burn: Thanx