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    Transferring from MQ to UNSW

    Hi all, Just wanting some advice and tips on transferring from B. Business at MQU to B. Commerce at UNSW. - Will I have to start over again as a first year at UNSW? - What WAM do I need to have? (Not sure where to check) - Commerce at UNSW is a 3 year course. Will this whole thing including my...
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    How can I get into UNSW Commerce with a low ATAR?

    Hi all, I've finished my HSC in 2023 and received a low atar (70s) and don't know how I can get into UNSW Commerce. I've received an offer at WSU B of Business and I'm expecting to receive UTS B of Business in January Round 1 (Jan 11). I understand that I can go to UTS Business and transfer to...