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    HSC 2019 First in Course

    no one asked but my predictions: 1) ruse 2) nsb 3) sghs 4) baulko 5) syd grammar 6) sbhs 7) nsghs 8) hornsby
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    I dont know how to study properly

    id recommend experimenting with a bunch of study techniques and find your optimal study environment, plan eg study session length of 30min/1hr/2hr (though you should have done this in year 11). i think you should reflect on your year 11 results and how you studied, and think how you could have...
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    Is english extension 2 worth it?

    Firstly, congrats on your marks for English - that's really good! EE2 requires a lot of effect in regards to your major work, especially if you do a video because you not only have to film, but edit as well, which is really time-consuming. I'd recommend EE2 if you're on top of your other...
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    What's everyone doing for their elective for their new syllabus?

    @op this is late but we're doing the exact same!
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    ✨✨Lit lit Study Matters thread for da best 2019 fam✨✨

    i do 4u eng, 3 maths, 3 music, chem yh screwed up chem lol
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    2019s Prelim HSC Chit Chat Thread

    Guess I'll join in. 4U English 3U Math 3U Music Chem Hope everyone is having a great holiday! Back to school on Monday...