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  1. sped_kid01

    problems with the pill

    mine says 12 hours too. it doesnt say it wont work after more than 12 hours, it just says that it "may not work as well" i take mine around the same time every morning after i brush my teeth! its a good way to remember! the chance of having a baby while taking the pill (correctly) is...
  2. sped_kid01

    Big W tips

    when i had my interview...i thinking the guy interviewing me was more nervous than me!! he was kinda young!! he just asked me what kind of things i used to do at my old job, what i liked about working there, why i think i would make a good big w employee ...AND... the strangest q. ive...
  3. sped_kid01

    Group Interview with Diva; What to Expect? u have one at the lismore store?
  4. sped_kid01

    Von Dutch

    von dutch was a racist, alcoholic spray painter who killed his unborn child in a car accident.... LOVE to have a Von Dutch t-shirt!
  5. sped_kid01

    What are you currently Reading?

    Ive just read a book called 'A Million Little Pieces' by James Frey... Currently reading 'My Friend Leonard' by James Frey- the sequel!!! Has anyone read either? They were supposed to be memoirs of an alcoholic/crack head in rehab, the 1st book is on Oprah's Book Club List, however, it...
  6. sped_kid01

    2006-07 Federal Budget

    the budget is the biggest manipulation of stats i have ever seen
  7. sped_kid01

    Anyone going to Southern Cross at lismore??

    hey guys, im a 2nd year at scu this year....if anyone needs a room we have a spare room in our house in lismore heights....$80pw =+ bills... living with a couple (m+f) and another female... house is fully furnished...all u need is bed and stuff 4 ur room.... ring me if ur interetsed...
  8. sped_kid01

    my BIGW induction was the most boring 7 hours i have spent

    u get paid 12.51 when ur 18 at big w.... when ur 19 = 14. something and 20= 17. something
  9. sped_kid01

    CNN: "They are so poor and so black"

    yeah thats true...context
  10. sped_kid01

    somewhere to go

    yeah i wouldnt advise nimbin either, unless its just for a day trip, or you specifically want to buy drugs... Theres nothing else to do there...except a TINY bit of shopping
  11. sped_kid01

    What's your all time favourite line up for a concert?

    go aussie music!!! :p (not all artists were aussies tho...a few international acts)
  12. sped_kid01

    somewhere to go

    nimbin is about an hour away from byron, maybe a little longer...they have tourist buses going out there all the time though...
  13. sped_kid01

    somewhere to go

    byron is hardly ever empty after 12...especially in holiday season... as for nimbin?! well...nimbin is only cool for a day trip! goodluck to you finding a decent place to stay there
  14. sped_kid01

    Why Does Australia TV Make Crap

    - the glass house - australian of the year - kath and kim they are all aussie tv shows, none of them suck so bad! :p
  15. sped_kid01

    What's your all time favourite line up for a concert?

    - Ben Harper (and the Innocent Criminals...OR The Blind Boys of Alabama) - Xavier Rudd - Michael Franti and Spearhead - The Beautiful Girls - Jack Johnson - Missy Higgins - The Dave Matthews Band - The Cat Empire - Pearl Jam - The John Butler Trio - Little Birdy...
  16. sped_kid01

    Byron Bay

    soccer feilds and bowlo are just down the road from cheekys, just follow that road
  17. sped_kid01

    What does BIGW and WOOLWORTHS pay?

    i work at big w...and i get $12.11 i think
  18. sped_kid01

    Byron Bay

    bowling club is just near the soccer fields
  19. sped_kid01

    Byron Bay

    oh and tallows or the pass for body boarding if u want 2 drive somewhere....broken head, flat rock (between lennox and ballina) or sharpy's (between lennox and ballina)