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  1. lepellillow

    The Truth........

    yes i studied much harder for trials yes turning 18 destroyed my hsc yes i have been out every wednesday before and during exams.
  2. lepellillow

    Attraction between parallel current carrying conductors

    if you use the right hand grip rule to work out the magnetic fields surrounding them it's easy to figure out kinda difficult to type up actually now that i'm trying lol but if you do the grip rule around wires carrying current in same direction, between the two wires the magnetic field from one...
  3. lepellillow

    Physics or Chemistry??

    chemistry is way more interesting i reckon. also i think from the preliminary course, chemistry sort of just continues whereas in physics, the preliminary course is a freaking breeze and then they introduce some tricky concepts in middle of year 12. but that could just be that i don't really get...
  4. lepellillow

    ITT: We sook about studying while our friends are out partying

    i for one was so keen to go out and celebrate halloween damn you physics and chem and damn you job that starts at 7am on saturdays
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    The"I'm fucked" thread.

    yeah i'm fcuked.
  6. lepellillow

    Bali Travel Warnings,,24548819-1702,00.html Sooo who's still going anyway?? I was sooooo keen :( but I don't think we will be going if the warning stays up.
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    General Thoughts - Biology

    Re: how did you go? what about the question about disease in tasmanian devils? i was like uhhhh everything i know is to prevent human disease and so all i did was say you could use quarantine and etc but its expensive and you can't control wild populations... and then said get heaps of the...
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    Practicing Scientist

    yeah wow a bit late seeing as the exam is tomorrow morning but do we have to know a practicing australian biologist? cos i can't actually find the dot point but apparently we doooo....
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    Length of STAT test

    thanks heaps
  10. lepellillow

    Length of STAT test

    no idea if this is the right spot but how long does the STAT test go for? aaaaand when do we find out what time it starts? cos i have to do training in the afternoon on the same day as my STAT test in wollongong so i neeeeed it to finish at like, 1pm latest halp its the one on nov 8th in...
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    Creative Writing Cliches

    if you write about a cliched topic, i know they mark you down but by how much? cos i'm only gonna get a 12-13 anyway. and my only good stories are about eating disorder or about going to a city and seeing beggars and some rich women is disgusted by it but how the thing which is really disgusting...
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    My Creative Writing story

    really?? nobody else in my school has done it but okay fair enough, any ideas what i can adapt it to be about instead??
  13. lepellillow

    My Creative Writing story

    i got scared
  14. lepellillow

    Leave an exam early?

    how so? in some of the 3 hour science exams i finish usually after an hour and a half. then you check over it for half an hour. then what the hull use is me sitting there, for the next hour, counting tiles on the ceiling or the number of circular objects in the room? i could go home early, and...
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    point of inflexion

    also remember when you sketch, that points of inflexion are smooth but horizontal points of inflexion have like a little kink in the curve
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    Gas-liquid and HP Liquid Chromatography

    identify, outline and assess the value of the following techniques in the analysis of small samples: - gas-liquid chromatography - high performance liquid chromatography so i know how both of them work, pretty much, but what is the value of them? like is it just meaning the value of...
  17. lepellillow

    Chromatography Solvents

    i'm still stuck on this freaking dot point. i only have two missing from my summaries. i sweeeeeeear nobody else in the world does forensics!!
  18. lepellillow

    top 3 sexiest jobs for the opposite sex

    fireman musician anything with a suit :)
  19. lepellillow

    What looks hot and sh*t on the opposite sex! Tell all thread

    not too skinny just tight fitting is hot... not if you have really skinny legs but... and if i'm thinking of the right shirt, they are super hot especially with low scoop or v shape neckline, as long as you don't have a hairy chest :)
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    Umat Results!

    overall: 66 percentile: 98 didn't get any offers but i didn't actually apply for medicine in the end so meh