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  1. Freakster01

    Official UAI Results

    so wat am i suppose to do cuz i was hoping for civil engineering XD sorry i am a lil shit at doing these fings haha
  2. Freakster01

    Official UAI Results

    wuld i still b able to sneak into a engineering course wif a uai of 58.3?? quite pissed but i guess that is wat i deserve haha
  3. Freakster01

    Official countdown for HSC results.

    dam i knew i shuld've bought some chill pills yesterday ><!!
  4. Freakster01

    Genetics? Thoughts?

    LOL yea same here a lot of my classmates comes out 'o wat did u write for that last 1 on genetics?' i was just luky i went thru it rougly the nite before or i wuldnt have known wat to write besides knowing wat it is haha
  5. Freakster01

    Exam Thoughts

    i thot it says name a disease caused by macro parasite not wat a macro parasite is which is wat u r referring to isnt it? :S
  6. Freakster01


    high 80's to low 90's around there hopefully only 3 marks lost from wat i can see
  7. Freakster01

    Genetics? Thoughts?

    are u guys mentioning transposable elements? cuz that was the last q worth 4 marks. isnt that just talkin about jumping genes? ~~"
  8. Freakster01

    CSSA Bio 07

    LOL i've have no idea either but o well.. its gud to get it ova and done wif =D
  9. Freakster01

    CSSA Bio 07

  10. Freakster01

    CSSA Business Studies Trial 2007!

    .. man wat da hell @ the last question.. i had no idea on q28 so i chose q27.. and i fink i blew the 20marks away anyway ><!! but the rest wasnt to bad
  11. Freakster01

    CSSA Bio 07

    OMG!! tell me about it! cuckoo bird wat da hell? and wat about the mrna and dna distribution wats that on about? i dont rememba learning that at all.. but the rest of the exam was not to bad.. aiming atleast in the 80's
  12. Freakster01

    CSSA paper

    am i 2 late to post? XD i finish my exam but my story was cut so short it was not funny ><!! and section 2 i didnt even write an intro, there goes a few marks down the drain -____-"
  13. Freakster01

    CSSA Maths Trial!!

    SHIT SHIT SHIT!! i forgot to do that!! o fudgen hell lol i thot factorising and than im like x to the cube? wth u suppose to do that? XD
  14. Freakster01

    CSSA Bio 07

    ... cssa paper is 2morow i rememba cuz its on the same day as my BUSINESS EXAM!! ><!! holy crap!!
  15. Freakster01

    Cssa Trial 2007

    o man im so screwed!! ive got no idea *sigh*
  16. Freakster01

    CSSA Bio 07

    im shaking!! ><!!
  17. Freakster01

    CSSA Maths Trial!!

    man i didnt even get up to q10.. ><!! it was hard!!! im expecting a low 60's LOL
  18. Freakster01

    CSSA PDHPE Trial

    omg it was ridiculous.. i studied all the main ones.. like ottawa charter and none of them was found in the long response q's man that sux
  19. Freakster01

    2 trials in one day

    my exams are planned out so wel thru the 2 weeks BUT!! the thing is that my last 2 exams are like in one day!! i have business studies which is like one of hard subject than an hour later i have biology!! ><!! im so screwed man
  20. Freakster01

    Trials: When are they? Are you ready? How were they? (merged)

    Re: When are your trials? Are you ready? (merged) lol!!.. join the club mate.. i fink every1 here is scared shitless haha ><!! and dam the CSSA pappers so hard!!