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  1. A2RAYA

    Getting to Kingswood Campus?

    it does the rounds between kingswood campus, werrington north and south campuses and kingswood station so it depends. i've probably used it twice in two years at uws but id say you'd wait about 15 mins. there's a shuttle bus timetable somewhere on the uws website. if you can find it, it'll give...
  2. A2RAYA

    Getting to Kingswood Campus?

    you don't walk go to the bus stop right otuside the station and wait for the UWS shuttle bus :)
  3. A2RAYA

    RE: Problem with Tut Registration

    it says that because it's sort of a back up class incase others get full or whatever. otherwise it probably means it's the only option available and therefore you don't really need to register for it since you're automatically registered into it.
  4. A2RAYA

    Wud u Quit? Just for Her?

    so obviously there was no other kind of stress relief was there? that's a pretty shit excuse it's "1 bad habit", but it comes with a shit load of consequences. why would someone want to date you and have to put up with you smelling like shit, looking like shit, feeling like shit and...
  5. A2RAYA


    musk: it's a 7 hour lecture alrite buddy, no mistake there trust me. i've enrolled in eng practice preview 1, construction, construction 1, eng comm and chem + materials science logistics: so how does it work? do we just attend once or something?
  6. A2RAYA


    is anyone else doing /done this subject? if so, is it true that each lecture runs for 7 hrs? (420 mins). this is what it's saying on the "my subject activities" page and i find that rediculous. the site says there are 4 lectures, each 7 hrs long- meaning they are going to clash with every other...
  7. A2RAYA

    A question about civil...

    1) civil engineering is the course you choose and geotechnical, structural etc are the fields of civil engineering you can choose to specialise in...therefore yes..u can specialise 2) if your uni offers offers civil engineering, it won't offer structural and geotechnical engineering as...
  8. A2RAYA

    The Official UTS Valentines Day Thread

    Panda bear's lab coat too ;)
  9. A2RAYA


    normally i don't get involved in these arguments because there is no point and noone will change someone else's opinion, but i'm assyrian and i know, because most of our prayers at church are in aramaic, that the aramaic word for God is "alaha" ,not allah, and is spelt
  10. A2RAYA


    in a year 10 maths test we were asked to draw a probability tree, so my mate drew a a really nice looking tree with a really nice looking arrow pointing at it and "probability" written next to it...needless to say he got 0 for it and a really good telling off
  11. A2RAYA

    Getting to know you (for UTSers only) (Quiz Answers Only)

    Re: Getting to know you-(for UTSers only) :p in case we're still doing this :p [Name] Sargon [Age] 20 [Education n course] B Eng-Civil (Construction) Dip Eng Practice at UTS-somewhere between 2nd and 3rd year (transferred to UTS) [High School] Bossley Park High School [Sign] Capricorn...
  12. A2RAYA

    Chance of transfering from UWS engineering to UTS engineering?

    you don't need a statement to get into the engineering course. i didn't submit one and i still got in but i recommend you submit one anyway. also after a year of uni studies, they won't consider your uai..not UTS's purely based on gpa and whether or not you have failed anything. if you...
  13. A2RAYA

    2007 Transfer Confirmations

    so do we do that over the net or go see them in person?
  14. A2RAYA

    2007 Transfer Confirmations

    question: now that we've transferred do we have to offically un-enrol from our old uni ourselves or is this done automatically after enrolling at our new uni?
  15. A2RAYA

    UWS engineering.. any good?

    it is a good course. i just finished 2nd year there and transferred to UTS purely for the fact that i didn't want to travel from the penrith campus to the blacktown campus on a monday night to do a subject for my construction major..this is because i have soccer training on monday...
  16. A2RAYA

    2007 UTS Offers

    i'm doing construction but i'm transferring from uws after finishing 2nd year there. so i'l be somewhere between a 2nd and 3rd year student...if that makes any sense lol
  17. A2RAYA

    BoS UTS Rollcall! Wooot!

    by the way. when do we start picking our subjects? am i reading it right where it says we can't choose our subjects until sometime in feb?
  18. A2RAYA

    BoS UTS Rollcall! Wooot!

    yep right here champ: B Engineering- Civil (Construction), Dip Engineering Practice but i'm transferring there so im not a 1st year
  19. A2RAYA

    2007 UTS Offers

    what he said :D
  20. A2RAYA

    '06 Transfer Candidates Post Here

    no but i should point out that there's only 4 hrs and 37 mins to go