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    Spirited Away

    Hey, I'm doing my inner journeys speech. I'm using spirited away as one of my related texts and having a bit of trouble finding visual techniques that they use. any help, notes etc. would be greatly appreciated thank you. -Wraith
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    Yr 11 Advanced English - Inner journeys

    Great now all i need is the same thing for aragorn from lord of the rings, like one pivotal scene, with like what camera angles & effects are used and how it relates to the inner journeys in Sally morgans "My Place"
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    Yr 11 Advanced English - Inner journeys

    yeah thats helps, thanks!:)
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    Yr 11 Advanced English - Inner journeys

    Hey, I'm doin a speech on inner journey's in Sally Morgan's "My Place", My related Texts are "Spirited Away" And "The Lord of the Rings" any notes on these would be greatly appreciated thanx.
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    My Place-Inner Journey

    Yeah me too, If I could grab the notes that'd be Grand thanx
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    spirited away

    The Dragon is the Spirit of th Kohukoo River, it says in the end thats his name (kohukoo river) or if u want his other name its hukoo.